KOI Thé S’pore Hints New Beverage This September & Mango Lovers Are Truly Excited


  • KOI Thé teases a mango beverage to be released in September.
  • Netizens are taking a guess that it is topped with pomelo toppings!

Although September has just started, there’s no doubt that it is going to be an awfully exciting month. Since the beginning of the week, brands such as McDonald’s has released amazing seasonal treats that are Minion-themed, and 7-Eleven has just brought in Häagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwich. Rest assured, there is big news coming from the bubble tea scene as well!

KOI Thé S’pore Hints New Beverage This September

Photo: Koi The Singapore (Facebook)

KOI Thé, one of the biggest players in the bubble tea scene in Singapore, has hinted at a new beverage for this month. Posted on its official Facebook page, many netizens are speculating that the new beverage is a combination of mango and pomelo. Let’s have a closer look! Sure, there is a perfectly sliced mango on the side, but what’s on the top?

Photo: Koi The Singapore (Facebook)

It appears to be an ice-cream formation, with additional toppings. We can’t help but to think that it may be vanilla ice-cream, considering the colour. Mango and vanilla sound like a perfect combination. Additionally, there seem to be jelly-like toppings, too. It looks similar to aloe vera, or konjac jelly! What do you think it could be? It is time to take a guess!

Mangoes Are Perfect To Combat The Heat

Photo: Koi The Singapore (Facebook)

It is not the first time KOI Thé release a mango beverage. In our neighbouring country, Malaysia, you will be able to find Mango Macchiato, a two-layered beverage. If you can’t wait to try out some mango-themed bubble tea, you can always check out other bubble tea spots in Singapore including LiHO. Have you taken a guess on the new beverage? Let us know in the comments!

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