This Hidden Supper Spot At MacPherson Serves Crispy & Doughy Prata That’s A Must-Try

There has always been a question when it comes to Prata – Are you team crispy or team doughy? Well, how about combining both? If you haven’t found the right place to satisfy your prata cravings, perhaps this is the place for you! At Julaiha Muslim Restaurant, be prepared to be blown away at how prata can be so good!

Hidden Supper Spot At MacPherson

Image: Singapore Foodie

Located at MacPherson Road, Julaiha Muslim Restaurant is a family-run business that has been operating for more than 20 years – since 1998! Open 24/7, they specialise not only in supper menus such as prata’s, but also in local Indian cuisine favourites such as Briyani and Rojak!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Though there are other dishes served here, the main star from their restaurant is their prata! Unlike other Indian-Muslim stalls, Julaiha Muslim Restaurant serves prata with a very unique texture. They manage to make the prata crispy yet doughy at the same time!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Despite ordering the usual plain ($1.20) and egg prata ($1.80) combo – this place somehow brings the classic dish up to another level! Served along with mutton curry, this dish was a burst of flavours. The curry served was also not too watery and was slightly spicy, hence complementing the prata!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

You may wonder – how special can a prata be? That’s where you’re wrong! Prata can sometimes be too bland despite adding extra ingredients such as egg or cheese, or can even be too thick to bite into due to the amount of times the prata is being flipped when it’s prepared. At Julaiha Muslim Restaurant, the prata is thinly folded, making this dish so much easier to eat as it does not taste too doughy!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

On top of that, the prata here is pan-fried to perfection. The chef manages to achieve this by ensuring that the prata is flipped at the right time. When the prata starts forming crispy brown bits on the outer layer, that’s when he flips it! Before the prata is served, the chef fluffs up the prata – which is not a common thing done by other prata stall chefs.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Head Down To Julaiha Muslim Restaurant Now!

Some may argue saying that prata should be more doughy, or more crispy. However at Julaiha Muslim Restaurant, they have managed to combine the two together and do it extremely well. Give it a taste and you’ll know what we’re talking about! What are you waiting for? Hurry down and level up your prata experience soon!

Address: 538 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368222

Operating Hours: Daily, 24 hours

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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