Here’s How To Make Delicious Matcha Cake With Only A Rice Cooker!

Calling all Matcha lovers!

You don’t need to be a professional baker to create something delicious. With just some simple ingredients and this easy recipe, you can make yourself some Matcha cake right from your own kitchen!


Foolproof Recipe For A Matcha Cake Made In A Rice Cooker!

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

Don’t have a convectional over? No worries! Because with this recipe, you can bake yourself some cake with something most Asian households have. A rice cooker!

All you will need are some ingredients that you can easily purchase for your go-to local supermarket and this easy recipe!


Photo: Zairyo SG (Website)
  • 2 Packets of Pancake Mix
  • 200ml Milk
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons of Organic Matcha Powder

You can go on to add these ingredients if you have a sweet tooth!

  • 1.5 Tablespoon Fine White Sugar
  • 1 Can of Azuki Red Bean to top off the cake
  • Chocolate frosting/icing


1. Put 2 packets of pancake mix into the rice cooker pot

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

2. Add 2 tablespoons of matcha powder into the rice cooker pot (Add sugar if you wish)

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

3. Mix powder mixture in rice cooker pot until the color of the mix looks even

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

4. Add milk to eggs in a separate bowl, then beat all together

5. Add egg and milk mixture into rice cooker pot, and stir gently

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

6. Stir until lumps of powder are gone

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

7. Set the pot in the rice cooker and cook on normal mode

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

8. Once the rice cooker rings, open it and check if the cake is still undercooked by sticking a toothpick in. If it doesn’t come out clean, put it back in for awhile more to cook


9. Once done, remove the rice cooker pot and let it cool. Then, place it upside down on a plate. The cake should slide out by itself.

Photo: Zairyo (Facebook)

Simple Matcha Cake Recipe, Perfect For Stay-Ins!

There you have it! A simple yet delicious Matcha Cake recipe you can easily make with some ingredients and a rice cooker. Try it out and tag us and @zairyosg! You can easily mix up the ingredients if you don’t like matcha and try something different! Of course, we would like to know the outcome so don’t forget to share your creation with us! Cheers!

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