Indian-Muslim Bakery Known For Their Curry Puff and Curry Buns in Singapore!

What’s your favourite traditional snack? Kueh salat, or maybe some kind of dim sum, like har gao? For us, it’s no contest – curry puffs are our forever go-to. Savoury and buttery on the outside and bursting with soft potatoes and tongue-tingling spices on the inside, there’s nothing like a good epok-epok or karipap to satisfy those teatime hunger pangs.


So, of course, we’re going to introduce you to one of the best places to get curry puffs in Singapore: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery!

Photo: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery Pte Ltd (Facebook)

Curry Buns, Karipap and Epok-Epok

This shopfront might look unassuming at first, but behind the glass doors is a history richer than their aromatic curry puff filling. Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery is the oldest surviving Muslim bakery in Singapore – it was built in 1942! If that doesn’t convince you you’re getting a taste of tradition here, we don’t know what will.

Photo: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery (Facebook)

this shop is known for a lot of things, but it’s most famous for its Indian curry buns. They’re baked to golden-brown perfection – break them open while they’re hot to reveal a generous, steaming filling of curried potatoes.

But if you think their curry buns are amazing, their karipap is the stuff of legend. It’s flaky, crispy and buttery on the outside and just spicy enough to satisfy on the inside. They make them traditionally triangular, too. That’s three corners of delicious puff pastry to bite off and enjoy!

There’s a good variety of choices when it comes to fillings, too. Along with the usual chicken, mutton and beef, the bakery also does more unique flavours – Black Pepper beef, Beef Rendang, and Chilli Padi Beef are just three of these. And of course they do plain potato ones too!

You can check out their full menu here. Don’t worry, they’re completely Halal and Muslim-owned!

Photo: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery (Facebook)

Look at that golden, crispy exterior. Doesn’t that make you long for a bite?

They also do a mean epok-epok, so if you’d rather have that instead, you can always go ahead and try it! Word on the street is that it’s known for its super-generous filling.


Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Cakes and Kueh

Photo: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery (Facebook)

Although Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery is best known for its delicious karipap and curry buns, they’re a jack-of-all trades and make wonderful cakes and kueh as well! It looks like they can customise your cake according to flavour and design if you call ahead, so take down their phone number to call the next time you have a birthday – or a wedding – to celebrate.

Photo: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery (Instagram)

If you want cake, but an entire cake too much for just one person (we feel you!), they also do cupcakes and eclairs! And yes, those are customisable as well. Simply call or WhatsApp them for customisation inquiries.

They also make all sorts of kueh, if you’re looking for something more traditional. And their Hari Raya Roll Cakes look absolutely wonderful!

Photo: Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery (Instagram)

Check out their Instagram page for an extensive look at their colourful confectionery creations.


Address: 124 Onan Rd, Singapore 424536

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 6:45pm (Mon – Sat), 9am – 5pm (Sun)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

From curry puffs to celebratory cakes and epok-epok to eclairs, Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery has them all. So why not go on down and patronise their store? You won’t regret it!

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