F&N Magnolia Releases Limited Edition Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Flavoured Milk In Singapore


  • F&N Magnolia releases limited-edition Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Flavoured Milk.
  • Available in grocery stores.
  • There’s an ongoing promotion for the new release, too!

Hello, friends! Recently, most of us have been experimenting with new recipes in the comfort of our own homes. Naturally, we are visiting grocery stores more often. It is always a fun time to roam around to check out interesting items to buy for snacks and beverages. You will be happy to know that there’s something new waiting for you to try!

Introducing Limited Edition Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Flavoured Milk

Photo: F&N Magnolia (Facebook)

F&N Magnolia is a prominent brand selling all types of milk including a Ramadan favourite, Fresh Milk with Kurma. Yup, that’s made with real dates! Recently, the brand has introduced a limited-edition flavour, Brown Sugar & Sea Salt. We have a feeling that this new combination is going to be a favourite among bubble tea lovers! Will you be adding boba into your beverage?

Photo: F&N Magnolia (Facebook)

Every sip is described to be filled with hints of sea salt and robust brown sugar fragrance! We have a feeling that this new flavoured milk can be used as an ingredient for desserts, and so much more. However, many netizens commented on its official Facebook page that this new beverage it out of stock in many grocery stores. But, those who have tried it says that it is really, really, good!

Will You Be Trying This New Flavoured Milk?

Photo: F&N Magnolia (Facebook)

If you have managed to get your hands on this, you will be happy to know that there’s a giveaway on its official Facebook page. All you need to do is create an interesting entry with Brown Sugar & Sea Salt milk, and remember to tag them on Facebook and Instagram. Three of the best entries will be winning $50 GrabFood Vouchers! The contest ends on 7th June 2020. Will you be drinking this new flavoured milk?

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