Burger King Offers Giant Cardboard Crowns To Promote Social Distancing In Germany

Hello, friends! As some parts of the world’s economy are slowly reopening, many restaurants and cafes are practicing social distancing. That simply means that restaurants and cafes operations are no longer the same. A huge gap from one table to another, and even hourly sanitation is required! Despite the ordeal, Burger King in Germany turned it into a fun experience for its customers!

Say Hello To Giant Cardboard Crowns

Photo: Burger King (Twitter)

The fast-food chain, Burger King, is notable for giving away free cardboard crows. But, in recent news, Burger King in Germany is offering giant cardboard crowns for its patrons. It is definitely a fun way to practice social distancing! The oversized crowns will help Germans to keep a safe distance from one to another. It was reported that Germans are required to maintain approximately 5 feet apart.

Photo: @burgerking (Instagram)

Burger King isn’t the only eatery that is finding quirky methods to promote social distancing. Some restaurants are putting stuffed animals to create comfortable environment, while others are even giving hats made out of swimming noodles! It is definitely interesting to see how people from different parts of the world are being playful through these tough times.

Will We Be Wearing Giant Hats?

Photo: @burgerking (Instagram)

Do you think that we will be getting giant cardboard crowns in Burger King? Hopefully, the restaurants and cafes in Singapore will be doing something fun to promote social distancing! It is definitely to think of the bright side of things during this tough time. Where is the first place that you would like to dine-in after Circuit Breaker? Let us know in the comments!

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