NEW: KFC Singapore Releases Flossy Crunch Chicken for National Day!


  • In celebration of National Day, KFC Singapore is launching its new product: Flossy Crunch Chicken!
  • The promotion starts 21st July!
  • It’ll be available at all KFC Singapore outlets except the one at the Singapore Zoo.

Good news, KFC fans. In celebration of National Day this year, KFC Singapore has come up with a spicy new product infused with local flavour: the Flossy Crunch Chicken!  

Photo: KFC Singapore

This delectable new version of KFC’s fried chicken comes topped with sweet and spicy chicken floss! Dried shrimp has also been added to the mix to give your favourite crispy chicken a bit of heat, and a depth of flavour that’ll leave you wanting more. 

If you love chicken floss bread or chicken floss on your porridge, then this is definitely a must-try this National Day Season.

Flossy Crunch Chicken Meal

Photo: KFC Singapore

KFC is offering this gloriously sweet-and-savoury chicken both a la carte and in sets. On its own, it’ll cost you $3.65. 

It also comes in a 2-piece ($8.95) and 5-piece meal ($19.55) respectively – the 2-piece meal will get you two pieces of crispy, juicy Flossy Crunch Chicken along with a Sjora Mango Peach drink, coleslaw and whipped potatoes, all regular size. The 5-piece meal will get you 2 of the drink and each side, and of course, 5 pieces of chicken.

Photo: KFC Singapore

If you’re buying to share, though, you’ll probably want to get the Flossy Crunch Chicken Box ($10.95) or the Flossy Crunch Family Feast ($36.95). Here’s what you’ll get in the Box:

  • 2 pc Flossy Crunch Chicken
  • 2 pc Hot & Crispy Tenders
  • 1 regular Whipped Potato
  • 1 regular Fries
  • 1 regular Sjora Mango Peach Drink

And here’s what you’ll get in the Flossy Crunch Family Feast:

  • 8 pc Flossy Crunch Chicken
  • 9 pc Nuggets
  • 2 medium Whipped Potato
  • 2 medium Coleslaw

Where to Get Your Flossy Crunch Chicken

The Flossy Crunch Chicken will be available from 21st July at most KFC outlets – just don’t go to the one at the Singapore Zoo and you’ll be golden. 

It’ll be available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, too. So you can enjoy it whether or not you’re willing to step out of the house!

The Flossy Crunch Chicken drops tomorrow – and we’ll be waiting!

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