Central Perk Cafe of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Exists Right Here In Singapore!

What’s your favourite American sitcom? Parks and Rec? Brooklyn 99? For many of us, the answer isn’t either of those newer shows – it’s oldie but goldie Friends. And, if fictional escapism is as much of a thing for you as it is for us, you might have fantasised about going to Central Perk cafe for a cuppa probably more times than is healthy.

But you know what? Central Perk may be fictional, but going there isn’t so much of a fantasy – not when Central Perk Singapore exists.

That’s right, folks. A Central Perk Cafe exists right here in Singapore!

Photo: @mrs_laura_moran_ (Instagram)

A Friends Cafe Here in Singapore

Photo: @mrs_laura_moran_

Depending on how big a Friends fan you are, you might already have known about this cafe. Founded by a team of friends (ha!) with a vision, walking into this cafe feels like stepping directly onto the set of the well-known sitcom. With the iconic orange couch displayed proudly in the place of honour in this cafe, you almost feel as though Rachel and Chandler and the rest of the gang might walk in at any moment.

Photo: Central Perk Singapore (Facebook)

And it’s no wonder it feels so incredibly legit – Central Perk Singapore is the only official Warner-Brothers-licensed cafe outside of the US. Pretty cool, huh?

The cafe’s located at Central Mall Magazine Road, a little walk away from Clark Quay Central. It boasts a roomy, cosy interior filled with plush chairs and polished wooden tables – perfect for an afternoon or night in watching an episode of our favourite sitcom. (Which you can actually do, because there’s a screen set up in the cafe just for that purpose!)

And of course, there’s a ton of Friends references to be acknowledged. From the orange couch to Monica’s kitchen to Chandler and Joey’s foosball table, there’s something for every fan to point and marvel at.

Photos: Central Perk Singapore (Facebook)

They even have Rachel’s runaway wedding dress displayed on a mannequin.


But of course you’re not just there for the ambience and the decor, no matter how nostalgic it is or how much your inner Friends fan is screaming.

Photo: @xrfoodngardening (Instagram)

Try Monica’s “Too Much Garlic” Aglio Olio, a dashi-infused aglio olio pasta generously topped with prawns, scallop, and garlic snaps. You can also ask for the spicy version if you’d like some added heat.

Photo: @zesty_nibbles (Instagram)
Photo: @passthecookies (Instagram)

Or give Chandler’s Righteous Mac & Cheese a go – delicious macaroni and cheese packed into a rosemary oat crust and topped with trio cheese shavings.

And if you’ve got room for dessert and you’re looking to treat yourself, why not order Ross’ Banana Split, or the Really Serious Break-Up Ice Cream? They’re Really Seriously Good.

Photo: @mrs_laura_moran_ (Instagram)


While you can’t quite buy a coffee for a dollar at this Central Perk, you can have it in a big coffee cup.

Photo: @mrs_laura_moran_ (Instagram)

Each main character on the show has their own unique coffee blend – you can see the details here. Why not pick the coffee your favourite would have chosen and lose yourself in fictional escapism for an afternoon?

And if the weather is particularly hot, you can always try the cafe’s Friendspuccinos, decadently sweet and icy blends that are sure to make your day.

Address: 1 Magazine Road Central Mall #01-01, Singapore 059567

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

We’re definitely going to tell our Friends fan friends about this cafe. Are you?

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