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13 Aesthetically Pleasing Food Tattoos On Instagram Including An Onion

Hello, friends! We have thought of showcasing some interesting food tattoos! With that said, in no way we are suggesting or encouraging people to get tattoos in any manner. Commonly, people get tattoos as a method to express themselves creatively. Check out these aesthetically pleasing inks from around the world! Let’s start scrolling!


15 Aesthetically Pleasing Food Tattoos

1. Ramen

Photo: @ninostitches (Instagram)

2. Gummy Bears

Photo: @thamjerene (Instagram)

3. Croissant

Photo: @picsola (Instagram)

4. Vietnamese Food

Photo: @tata13.recycle (Instagram)

5. Onion

Photo: (Instagram)

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6. Soft-Serve

Photo: @tattoosbysarah (Instagram)

7. Chicken Nugget

Photo: @royalfleshtattoo (Instagram)

8. Bibimbap

Photo: @choya_tattoo (Instagram)

9. Taco

Photo: @hobojacktattoo (Instagram)

10. Fried Egg

Photo: @melizatattoos (Instagram)

11. Noodles In Box

Photo: @natalie.honeck (Instagram)

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12. Diet Coke

Photo: @bloodclubb (Instagram)

13. Burger

Photo: @inkpediaorg (Instagram)

What’s The Most Interesting Tattoo On This List?

It goes without saying that there are many interesting tattoos on the Internet. Checking out #foodtattoo on Instagram, we have stumbled upon sushi, vegetables, pizzas, and so many more! In your opinion, which local dish in Singapore serves really well as a tattoo? Could it be Chicken Rice, Prata, or perhaps, Hokkien Prawn Mee? That would be an interesting creation to see! Let us know in the comments!

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