Burger King S’pore Created Avocado Croissan’wich, Now Available On Breakfast Menu

We have mad love for avocados! There is just something about the pear-shaped green fruit that got all of us hooked. Lucky for all of us, Burger King dropped a series of avocado-themed desserts. The range includes Avocado Banana Cone, Avocado Banana Sundae and Fruity Floats. It appears that Burger King S’pore isn’t stopping anytime soon. It has added a burger into its list!

Introducing Avocado Croissan’wich

Photo: Burger King Singapore

Avocado lovers, you wouldn’t want to sit out on this new creation. Introducing Avocado Croissan’wich! The thick-looking burger comes with layers and layers of ingredients, wrapped beautifully with two croissant buns. Kicking off the list of ingredients, it starts with crunchy turkey bacon, slices of fresh avocados, and American cheese. The patty is made with turkey sandwich, and you will find a layer of scrambled egg at the bottom!

Photo: Burger King Singapore (Facebook)

Avocado Croissan’wich is available for $5.50. Have a hearty breakfast and get a Value Meal, priced at $7. It comes with small hash browns and your choice of coffee or tea. Feel like skipping the croissan’wich, but not the avocados? Well, you can add avocados to your choice of breakfast dishes for $0.90 for every three slices. Not a bad deal, right?

Avocado all day, every day.

Photo: Burger King Singapore (Facebook)

As the avocado menu in Burger King expands, we can now enjoy avocado all day, every day. Have it for breakfast, and also desserts! Have you tried out the avocado dessert range in Burger King? What is your favourite? Hopefully, Burger King S’pore will continue to expand its menu as we are excited to try out everything with avocados!

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  • Avocado Croissan’wich is now available in Burger King S’pore.
  • Available on the breakfast menu.
  • Price starts at $5.5 for ala carte, and $7 for Value Meal (comes with hash browns, and coffee/tea)

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