NEW: Burger King S’pore Introduces New Bulgogi Chicken, Avocado Banana Sundae & More

There's Float Too!

Happy Monday fellow foodies! It’s the start of a brand new week and once again on the fast food scene, something new is blooming too. If you’re a fan of Burger King, then heads up! We’ve got news that you won’t wanna miss out on. Burger King has a new release! Keep reading to find out more details.

Burger King S’pore Releases New Menu Starting From Tomorrow

First up, Burger King introduces an all new fried chicken flavour, the Bulgogi Chicken. Yup, that’s certainly inspired by the Korean food scene so if you love the Korean version of Bulgogi Chicken, you’ll definitely drool at this too. 2 pieces of Bulgogi Chicken is only at $2.80.

Next, let’s look at the new Sundae flavours. This time around, the flavours are pretty out of the norm but hey, something special is always a good thing too right? There will be Avocado Banana Sundae that’s either drizzled in chocolate or strawberry sauce. Although, we reckon the former might complement the sundae better. The Sundae will be priced at $2.50. In addition, there will also be pure Avocado Banana Cone priced at $1 only!

Burger-King new menu
Photo: @BurgerKingSG

We’re not quite done yet guys, the star of this new release is definitely the Fruity Float ($2.30) which consists of Avocado Banana Softserve as a topping above the refreshing Minute Maid Orange Fruit Drink. Okay, this might or might not be weird so you’re gonna have to try and tell.

Aside from that, there are also other additional items such as the Taro Pie ($1), BK Nuggets ($3 for 9 pcs), Cheesy Fries ($2 for regular) and Avocado Banana Coca-Cola® Float / Avocado Banana Fanta® Grape Float ($2.30)

In brief, here are the prices for the latest Burger King Menu:

  • 2 pcs Bulgogi Chicken ($2.80)
  • Avocado Banana Sundae ($2.50)
  • Avocado Banana Cone $1
  • Fruity Float ($2.30)
  • Taro Pie ($1)
  • BK Nuggets ($3 for 9 pcs)
  • Cheesy Fries ($2 for regular)
  • Avocado Banana Coca-Cola® Float / Avocado Banana Fanta® Grape Float ($2.30)
BURGER-KING new menu
Photo: @BurgerKingSG

So, that is all for the new release items from Burger King. Also, they will be available starting from tomorrow (17th September 2019). If you’ve ever tried it, don’t forget to let us know in the comments! Till next time!

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