BREAKING: Plastic Straws Ban across ALL 84 KFC Outlets in Singapore for Drinks

KFC's Plastic Ban on Straws and Lids

All 84 KFC outlets in Singapore have officially cut the use of plastic straws and lids for their beverages for dine-in meals. All plastic cups have been replaced with paper cups since the start of November this year.

KFC’s Effort in Reducing Usage Of Single-Use Plastic

No More Plastic Lids & Straws for Dine-In

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KFC Plastic Ban
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This is applicable only for dine-in, as lids will still be provided for takeaway orders. To allow you to visualise the impact KFC is making, this will allow them to save about 4.25 metric tonnes of plastic waste monthly (approximately the weight of 20,000 pieces of KFC fried chicken)!

Plastic Straws Only For Young Children or Special Needs KFC Guests

KFC Plastic Ban Singapore Lids and Straws
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Plastic straws will be given to young children and guests with special needs upon request. However, lids will still automatically be given for takeaway orders. KFC highly encourages you to join the quest of saving the earth by bringing your own containers for food and drinks!

Change In Packaging To Come Soon For Over 10 Items On KFC Menu

If you stay around Toa Payoh or Kallang, you can expect to see new paper packaging for their items starting Dec 2019. This includes items such as KFC’s popcorn chicken, mashed potato, Bandito Pocketts and more!

KFC’s Effort in Reducing Usage Of Single-Use Plastic

Although KFC will no longer offer plastic lids and straws for dine-in meals, they will continue to serve quality food.
Remember, you can do your part by bringing your own bottles and containers as well! Be sure to look out for more changes, here’s to a greener society!

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