COMING SOON: Starbucks’ Color Changing Reusable Tumblers Available From 4th November!

Popular Color Changing Tumblers From Starbucks Available Soon!

With Starbucks’ newly launched color-changing tumblers, we can all do our part in saving the world, while being aesthetic at the same time! The Starbucks color-changing tumblers have been all the hype in the USA and Canada. Now, it will be hitting the shelves in Singapore on the 4th of November!

Starbucks Is Launching Color Changing Reusable Tumblers!

Photo: @clatustore (Instagram)

These color-changing tumblers are 24oz each which is perfect for a Venti sized drink. Not only is it super attractive, but the price point also makes it even more worth it. An entire set of 5 tumblers is priced at $36.90, which means each tumbler is only $7.38 if you do the math!

Color Changing Tumblers From Starbucks Transforms Color When In Contact Cold Water/Ice!

Photo: @tmijastip (Instagram)

With each set that comes with 5 color-changing tumblers, you get yourself a total of 10 different colors as each tumbler transforms into a different color upon contact with cold water or ice!

Here is what the color-changing tumblers will transform into:

Citron > Emerald

Arctic > Raspberry

Rose > Coral Red

Apricot > Tangerine

Sky > Cobalt

It is extremely therapeutic to see the tumblers slowly transform when you fill it up with something cold. It is extremely great as gifts we well since there are multiple tumblers in the full set!

Amazing Work From Starbucks: Commitment To Eco-Sustainability

Starbucks’ launch of these reusable cups is their move towards eco-sustainability. Their goal is the encourage users to bring their own cups so as to cut down on disposable components. These color-changing tumblers are a fun way to bag your iced beverage in the most eco-friendly way, which can also double as a great Instagram pic! You can even get a $0.50 off for each drink when you use your own tumbler at all Starbucks outlets!

You might want to head over to your nearest Starbucks as soon as possible to grab these color-changing tumblers before they are all gone!

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