A&W Singapore Isn’t Halal Certified, Hasn’t Applied for Certification Either


  • @halalSG on Twitter has confirmed that A&W is not Halal-certified.
  • The chain is reportedly not in the process of getting certified either.
  • Twitter users took to the replies section to express their surprise and dismay.
Photo: A&W Singapore

We’ve got some sobering news for you this morning, Foodies. Apparently, A&W isn’t Halal-certified in Singapore.

Photo: @v3r4y (Instagram)

In a tweet on June 18, @halalSG – an official Twitter page managed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) – confirmed that the American fast food chain isn’t Halal-certified, and that it’s not currently in the process of getting certified, either.

Twitter Confirmation

When a Twitter user asked @halalSG if A&W is Halal-certified yesterday, halalSG responded to clarify that it is not.

This tweet got quite a bit of attention – the last we checked, it had 411 retweets and 187 likes – and Twitter users took to the replies section to express their surprise and disappointment. “Wait what?” and “A&W isn’t Halal?” seemed to be the general sentiment:


Although, of course, there were also these playfully gleeful reactions from our neighbours in Malaysia and Batam:


Side note: we do love halalSG’s reaction here. (The one bright spot in all of this is that we get to see their sense of humour!)

After further queries from other Twitter users, halalSG revealed that A&W has not applied to be Halal-certified either.

This drew more groans of disappointment.

It’s a disappointing turn of events, and we’re as dismayed as you are – especially since A&W had said in July 2017 that their outlets would be Halal-certified.

Halal or Not?

It’s saddening for sure, but halalSG has mentioned that just because something isn’t Halal-certified doesn’t mean it’s not Halal. Here’s their very helpful thread on the difference between Halal and Halal-certified, and how to decide whether or not something is okay to consume.

Cheer up, though! A&W may not be Halal-certified, but we at Singapore Foodie know of a lot of great places that are! Check out this guide to the best Halal restaurants and cafes in Singapore.

Maybe you’d like to check out some of them this Phase 2?

Source:, @halalSG on Twitter

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