Halal Cafe In S’pore That Combines Raclette Cheese With Your Favorite Food Trends!

Flavour Flings Is A Must-Try If You Love All Things Cheese!

The Raclette Cheese trend has hit our shores for quite some time already, but it’s hard to chance upon a Halal cafe that serves this extremely hyped up food trend. But fret not as Flavour Flings is here to the rescue, our beloved Muslim foodies!


Flavour Flings Is One Of The Halal Cafes In Singapore That Serves Raclette Cheese!

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Located at the heart of Hougang, is where you can find Flavour Flings. This Halal Cafe serves top-notch trendy dishes with a twist. The twist being their specialty Raclette Cheese!

If you don’t know what Raclette Cheese is, you are missing out on life! Raclette Cheese is a giant cheese wheel that is torched and melted and then scraped off onto your dish. Hence, if that doesn’t look and sound heavenly to you, I must ask “Are you crazy?!”.

With that being said, here are some of Flavour Flings’ signature dishes, topped off with their renowned Raclette Cheese!

Salted Yolk Croissant

Photo: @sgfoodtrend (Instagram)

Flavour Flings is possibly the 1st cafe to serve Salted Egg Croissant in Singapore. Besides that, they also have a wide variety and different versions of the Salted Egg that we all love. Such as Salted Egg Yolk Fries ($8.90), Salted Yolk Egg Benedict ($15.90), and last but not least their well-known Salted Yolk Croissant ($7.50).

Photo: @missha_2122 (Instagram)

Just look at all that lava goodness! You’d be surprised at how good the Salted Yolk Croissant taste when topped off with Raclette Cheese. It might sound like a pretty weird pairing, but try it out for yourself and I guarantee you’ll be amazed!

Beef Steak

Photo: @kenpgl (Instagram)

Here at Flavour Flings, one of their most popular dishes has got to be their Beef Steak ($21.90). This dish consists of sliced New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak served with the special Flavour Flings braised sauce, baked potatoes, and salad on the side.

Photo: @foodiegoh (Instagram)

Of course, you can make this dish a whole lot better by opting to spice it up with some Raclette Cheese at only $3! You could go without the Raclette Cheese, but do you really want to miss out on all that goodness?

NBCB – Nutella Bacon Cheese Burger

Photo: @flavourflings (Instagram)

This exclusive dish by Flavour Flings, the Nutella Bacon Cheese Burger is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Essentially, this dish combines your favorite childhood spread, Nutella with Flavour Flings Gourmet Burger. Consequently, making it the Nutella Bacon Cheese Burger!

Photo: @flavourflings (Instagram)

As described by Flavour Flings, it is a burger bomb made with Butter Croissant, loads of Nutella, Nacho Cheese, Emmental Cheese, Turkey Bacon, and their in-house Beef Patty served with Cajun Fries! This interesting combination is definitely different, but will definitely surprise you in a good way, just like the other Flavour Flings’ dishes!


Head-On Down To Flavour Flings For The Foodie Experience Of Your Life!

Photo: @flavourflings (Instagram)

I guarantee you that Flavour Flings is a must-try and is definitely different from the other mediocre cafes that you find around Singapore. Their wonderful food creations and combinations will wow you, making you want to keep going back for more!

Address: #01-1348 Hougang Ave 1, Block 121, Singapore 530121

Contact: 6286 0051


Operating Hours: Thurs-Mon (11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., closed from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) | Wed (5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.) | Closed on Tues

Links: Facebook | Instagram

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