BREAKING: Alcoholic Xiao Long Bao Released by Paradise Dynasty in S’pore!

Ready to get drunk on Xiao Long Bao?

Paradise Dynasty is pretty much synonymous with Xiao Long Bao (XLB), it’s now releasing Alcoholic Xiao Long Bao. As a result of their adventurous cross-overs like Mala and Foie Gras XLBs, the restaurant chain has coined a reputation for the adventurous flavours of their delicious soup dumplings.

True to their reputation, Paradise Dynasty announced the release of the limited Tipsy Surprise Xiao Long Bao which is Alcoholic Xiao Long Bao, and the alcoholics in us are screaming with joy!

Alcoholic Xiao Long Bao Available at Paradise Dynasty Funan!

Photo: @sg_nz.eats (Instagram)

This new line of alcoholic XLBs will include the following flavours:

  1. Shaoxing Rice Wine
  2. Red Wine with Cheese
  3. Tsingtao Beer
  4. The Glenlivet Scotch
  5. Martell

See anything you like?

These one-of-a-kind dumplings will be available at $2.80, with orders of either of the following crowd favourites:

  • BBQ Pork Pastry in Shanghai-style
  • Pan-fried Chilli Crab Bun
  • Dong Po Pork
  • Shanghainese Cripsy Duck served with Lotus Bun
Photo: Paradise Dynasty (Website)

Also, Paradise Gourmet Rewards members can enjoy 40% off Happy Tea Time promotion (50% off at Funan outlet). This includes XLB, La Mian, Dim Sum and Desserts from 3pm – 5.15pm on weekdays. Time to dig around for your membership card and head over to enjoy a sumptuous tea break at an unbeatable price!

Alcoholic Xiao Long Baos at Paradise Dynasty Funan!

The Tipsy Surprise XLBs will be available exclusively at their Funan Mall outlet from 10 Dec – 19 Jan!

Address: Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Rd #B1-01, Singapore 179105
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (Weekdays), 10.30am – 10pm (Weekends)

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