BREAKING: Toblerone Chocolate Cream Cake Is Now In S’pore!

Following the release of the Oreo Cake, is the Toblerone Chocolate Cream Cake! The Almondy Toblerone Chocolate Cake was first released in New York. Since then, the cake has made its appearance in multiple countries, and is now finally in Singapore!

Toblerone Chocolate Cream Cake Now Available In Singapore!

This special cake is actually a collaboration between the Swedish bakery, Almondy and Toblerone! The cake has an almond base as well as layers of chocolate cream and mousse! You’ll find that the extra crunchy texture comes from the chunks of Toblerone on top! This cake feeds up to 8 people.

Toblerone Cake Almondy Singapore
Photo: @glutenvrijevader (Instagram)

Good news for those who are allergic/sensitive to gluten: this cake is gluten-free!

Toblerone Cake
Photo: @ifmalmelawati (Instagram)

Almondy has also collaborated with other popular confectionaries to produce mouth-watering themed treats. One we commonly see in IKEA is Almondy’s Daim Chocolate Cake!

 Almondy Singapore
Photo: @deathbeforegluten (Instagram)

You may now easily find this cake in Giant Singapore stores! Additionally, you may browse online sites such as RedMart where the cake can be found on sale for only $9.26!

Otherwise, Giant sells this Chocolate Cream Cake for slightly under $13!

Toblerone Cake Now Available In Singapore!

If you like Toblerone’s chocolate bars, you simply must try their cake!

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