$2.50 Bubble Milk Tea, Milk Coffee & Yogurt Air Popcorn By Nestlé Available At Cold Storage


  • Nestlé introduces new Air Popcorn flavours, Bubble Milk Tea, Milk Coffee, and Fruit Yogurt.
  • Available in Cold Storage for $2.50.

Without a doubt, popcorn is one of the snacks out there, especially when you’re watching a movie. If you’re planning to have a movie night at home, you wouldn’t want to miss this out. Before signing into Netflix, head down to the nearest Cold Storage to get this treat! Nestlé has just recently released new flavours of Air Popcorn, and the flavours sound absolutely fascinating.

$2.50 Bubble Milk Tea, Milk Coffee & Yogurt Air Popcorn

Photo: Nestle

Gather around, snack connoisseurs! Nestlé has just brought some interesting snacks to the island. First available in Vietnam, the beverage-themed popcorn flavours are now available in Cold Storage. These interesting flavours are Milk Tea, Fruit Yogurt, and Milk Coffee. Strategically priced at $2.50, the amount of popcorn is just the right amount for one serving.

Photo: Nestle
Photo: Nestle

Firstly, Bubble Milk Tea flavour. Expect the flavour to taste like bubble tea, with a hint of sweetness and milkiness. Elevate your bubble tea beverage with this popcorn flavour as toppings! Second up, munch on Fruit Yogurt. It is a combination of fruit and yogurt flavour. We believe that it is the perfect toppings for any smoothie bowls, or granola bowls. Lastly, let’s not forget about Milk Coffee. Imagine the taste of Vietnamese coffee!

Now Available In Cold Storage

Photo: Nestle

You will be happy to know that Air Popcorn is pretty healthy! Each pack is made out of 100% high-fiber and whole-grain kernel corn. It is much healthier than the usual popcorn. We love a guilt-free snack! What are your favourite snacks from supermarkets? Most importantly, what are you watching on Netflix right now? Let us know in the comments!

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