This Bakery Creates Stunning Layered & Ombre Mooncakes With Fun Flavours In Singapore


  • The Lapis Place makes interesting layered mooncakes.
  • Flavours include Cookies ‘N’ Cream Truffle, Ferrero Rocher Truffle, and Lychee Martini Truffle.
  • Price ranges from $39 to $46.
  • Use the promo code, ‘TLPMAF’ to get 15% off from now until 30th September.

Hello, friends! With Mid-Autumn Festival just a month away, there are many spots that are now selling mooncakes. In the year 2020, brands are truly creative with their creations! These brands are elevating Mid-Autumn Festival by breaking free from the usual mooncakes variety. This time around, we’re showcasing one of the most colourful findings on Instagram!

Introducing Rainbow Lapis Snow Skin Mooncakes & More

Photo: @thelapisplacesingapore (Instagram)
Photo: @thelapisplacesingapore (Instagram)

The Lapis Place is notable for its layered cake creations. Started back in 2017, its aim to modernise traditional layered cakes. Challenging the usual convention, The Lapis Cake has created the most stunning mooncakes with interesting flavours. Check out flavours such as Cookies ‘N’ Cream Truffle, Ferrero Rocher Truffle, Lychee Martini Truffle, Peach Truffle, Mao Shan Wang Durian Truffle, and even Cempedak!

Photo: @thelapisplacesingapore (Instagram)
Photo: @thelapisplacesingapore (Instagram)

Without a doubt, the most mesmerising mooncake available at The Lapis Place is none other than Rainbow Lapis Snow Skin Mooncake. The exclusive masterpiece dons the colours of the rainbow. Cut them to pieces to see the colours beautifully layered! The prices of the mooncakes are depending on the flavours, ranging from $39 to $46. Mooncake sets are also available!

Available At The Lapis Place

Photo: @thelapisplacesingapore (Instagram)
Photo: @thelapisplacesingapore (Instagram)

Apart from these creative mooncakes, you can also find the usual mooncakes available at The Lapis Place. Find Pure White Lotus, White Lotus with Melon Seeds. These are available with or without egg yolks. You will be happy to know that you can get 15% off for mooncakes from now until 30th September with the promo code, ‘TLPMAF’. What are the flavours you’re planning to try? Let us know in the comments!

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