$1 Filet-O-Fish At McDonald’s S’pore For A Limited Time Only (Here’s How)

Hurry Over to McD Now!

Hi guys! We hope you’re all doing great. As you guys already know, whenever you see us popping up on your feed, we’ve got awesome food deals that we want to share. And nothing makes us more excited than this $1 Filet-O-Fish deal from McDonald’s. Keep reading to find out more details on how you can claim it!

$1 Filet-O-Fish For A Limited Time Only

Alright, so this deal is really easy to claim. All you have to do is simply make any purchase at any McD outlets across Singapore and claim this deal via the new McDonald’s app. So easy right? It’s make any purchase, flash the McD app with the $1 Filet-O-Fish coupon and enjoy your meal!

$1 McD Filet O' Fish
Photo: @McDonald’sAUS(Website)

Also, to make things even simpler for you guys, once you open the McD app, scroll over to the ‘Deals’ section, under Lunch/Dinner, you will be able to see the $1 Filet-O-Fish coupon right at the very top.

$1 McD Filet O' Fish
Photo: @XavierLur (Twitter)


Since all good things will eventually come to an end, this deal is no different. You can claim the super worthy $1 deal from 12PM until 4AM. You guys know what this means right? Tonight’s supper is going down at McDonald’s!

$1 McD Filet O' Fish
Photo: @singpromos (Website)

So, what are you guys waiting for? Head over to McD and get yourselves a Filet-O-Fish at $1 only! Don’t forget it’s for a limited time only so hurry!

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