This Bowl Of Delicious Claypot Rice At Jurong West Is A Hidden Gem!

Despite Singapore being a small island, there’s still plenty of hidden gems of good food to be found. Even up till today, we are pretty sure most of us are still discovering new places to satisfy our tummies. Well, to help you out,  introducing Xiang Jiang Claypot Chicken Rice, a hidden gem for excellent claypot rice at Jurong West! Known to be one of the top claypot rice in the west, this is a stall you simply must try!

Scrumptious Claypot Rice At Jurong West

Photo: Henry Tay (Facebook)

In traditional claypot rice, you will usually find chicken, lupcheong and salted fish. For Xiang Jiang’s Ginger and Onion Claypot Chicken Rice ($10), their well-marinated chicken really stands out. The chicken is tender and full of flavour, making every bite truly enjoyable. Additionally, the salted fish and lupcheong adds another layer of umami, making every bite an explosion of flavour.

The best part of the dish is really the charred bits of rice at the side. When eaten with the ingredients, the bitterness of the char complements the savouriness perfectly. Just take one bite and you’ll wish you had ordered more! For those who want a bigger portion, there is also a $15 and $20 option, perfect for sharing with your friends and family!


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Most of us would usually mix the oil and black sweet sauce into the rice, chicken and lupcheong. However, one reviewer proposed an interesting suggestion. He suggested removing the chicken and lupcheong, and mix just the rice and black sauce. This allows you to taste the full flavour of the marinated chicken. If you were to mix the black sauce with the chicken, it will overpower the flavour of the marinate. A pretty good suggestion that’s worth a try!


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Try Xiang Jiang Claypot Rice Now!

Besides claypot rice, Xiang Jiang also serves other popular dishes like Pig Liver Claypot and Claypot Sesame Chicken. Do expect some time for your claypot rice to arrive, but don’t worry, its well worth the wait! Hurry down and try it now!

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Address: 498 Jurong West Street 41, Block 498, Singapore 640498

Operating Hours: Daily (except for Mon), 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. , 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Henry Tay (Facebook), @m_weirong (Instagram).

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