This Popular Stall At Golden Mile Serves Wanton Mee With Melt-In-Your-Mouth Char Siew!

For fans of wanton mee, this is one stall you definitely have to check out. You might think to yourself, how good can a bowl of wanton mee really be? Well, let Wen Kang Ji Wanton Noodle answer that for you. Right at Golden Mile lies this stall where they serve their Wanton Mee with incredible char siew!


 Wen Kang Ji’s Wanton Mee

Photo: Andrew Ong (Facebook)

Opened in 2021, Wen Kang Ji has since garnered quite a reputation among the wonton mee connoisseurs. The have since expanded with two more outlets across the island. So, who is Wen Kang you might be asking? Well, he is actually the son of one of the chef-owners who previously cooked at Tsui Hang Restaurant at Scotts Road.

Before opening in 2021, they were previously at Albert Centre for a month in 2020, right before Circuit Breaker started. Although trying their best to keep the stall afloat, the future seemed bleak and they decided to close the business. Fast forward a year later, they decided to take a risk to restart their business, and it’s a good thing they did!


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The Wanton Mee is served in two sizes, Regular ($6) and Jumbo ($8). If you’re a big eater, the jumbo size is certain to have your tummy satisfied. Wen Kang Ji’s wanton noodles are a mixture between thin crystal noodles and slightly thicker ramen noodles, making them feel more substantial. The noodles are firm and have the QQ texture we all love from perfectly cooked noodles.


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The sauce is packed with flavour, with savoury notes of the soya sauce, and a sweet-sour taste from the green chillis. Deep-fried lard is topped off for more umami and crunch. These tiny pieces of heaven are crispy and airy, with every bite bursting with pork flavour. What’s even better is that you can even request for more pork lard if it’s not enough. All you pork lard lovers don’t need shy shy ok!

 Melt-In-Your-Mouth Char Siew


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The star of the dish is truly the Char Siew which has the perfect fat-to-lean meat ratio and is moist and succulent at the same time. Perfectly charred, the bitterness and smokiness complement the sweetness of the char siew. Furthermore, the char siew is roasted in-house daily and they will call it a day once it’s sold out so do go down early to not miss out!


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Find Wen Kang Ji At Golden Mile Food Centre

Besides their Wanton Mee, Wen Kang Ji Wanton Noodles also serves Dumpling Soup ($5) and Fried Wanton ($5), which pairs perfectly with your noodles. Hurry down for a taste today!

Cover Photo: Andrew Ong (Facebook)@macadish (Instagram)

Address: 505 Beach Road, #B1-29, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583


Operating hours: Daily, except for Tues, 9am to 5pm

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