Top 3 Ranked Best Thai Restaurants Offering Islandwide Delivery In Singapore!

Authentic Thai Food Straight To Your Doorstep

Fans of Thai food would agree with us that this cuisine is simply unrivalled. Spicy, tangy, sweet, umami—no matter the dish you’re having, chances are that it is a flavour bomb through and through. Luckily for us, we have countless Thai restaurants in Singapore!


3 Thai Restaurants In Singapore Offering Islandwide Delivery

There’s nothing that will be able to satisfy your cravings once you begin hankering over this cuisine.

Fret not when cravings for solid Thai food hit the roof, as there are amazing Thai restaurants such as Princess Apinya Royal Thai Cuisine offering islandwide delivery!

1. Princess Apinya Royal Thai Cuisine

Our top pick for authentic Thai food is Princess Apinya Royal Thai Cuisine. Priding themselves on using secret recipes from royal Thai chefs that have been passed down from generations to generations, this restaurant is your best bet for full-flavoured, delectable Thai food.

Thai restaurants in Singapore are aplenty. Princess Apinya Royal Thai Cuisine, however, stands out for the authenticity and quality of their food. The dishes we tasted from this restaurant were utterly impressive.

Appetizers & Salads

To start off, don’t miss out on their Pomelo Salad, an appetiser that blew us away upon our first mouthful.

The dish was sweet, tangy, savoury, slightly spicy with hints of minty flavour and notes of umami from the shrimp. It truly is the epitome of Thai food and a flavour bomb.

Main Dishes

Their mains are definitely ones that will please your tastebuds too. In particular, the Traditional Royal Green Curry stood out for its boldly sweet yet savoury flavours. The creamy texture and generous portion of certified organic, free of hormones and antibiotics cage-free chicken thigh and chicken drumstick are impressive too. 


Try out their Grilled Spicy Salmon too, a dish that’s not commonly found in Thai eateries.

Using salmon that’s air-flown from Norway, ensuring premium quality and freshness of the fish. The slab of seafood was well cooked—tender on the inside and well-seasoned on the outside. The dish wasn’t too heavy on the Thai flavours such that it overpowers the natural taste of the salmon. It also isn’t extremely spicy so do not worry if you can’t take spice well.


The Pattaya Grilled Squid may seem like a luxurious option to opt for but one we assure you won’t regret ordering. Served with their homemade Thai chilli sauce, the grilled squid came remarkably tender and perfectly done—neither too soft nor rubbery. Squeeze the lime over for a burst of sour flavours!

Other menu items recommended includes the Massaman Red Curry and Mango Salad.

ORDER FROM: or simply Whatsapp +65 9799 5165.

2. Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Next up on our list is Sawadee Thai Cuisine, a Thai eatery that has been around since 2001. They serve a hearty range of your typical Thai delights, ranging from appetisers to filling mains and sweet treats to round off your meal.

Big eaters should head straight for the Sawadee Olive Fried Rice. A huge serving of olive fried rice is served alongside crunchy onions, bits of pomelo, green and red chilli as well as marinated chicken. Mix it all up and you’ll get a spoonful that’ll satisfy your palates with the combined sweetness from the chicken marinade, slight tartness from the pomelo spice from the chilli!

Don’t forget to also order in some desserts so you can end off your feast on a sweet note. A classic Thai dessert would be the Mango Sticky Rice, which we’re glad that Sawadee Thai Cuisine offers via delivery!

They are available for delivery daily in the afternoon from 11.30am – 2.30pm and on Mondays to Saturdays from 5pm – 9.30pm

ORDER FROM: Website at

3. Tuk Tuk Cha Bistro

With multiple outlets islandwide, we’re sure many of you aren’t unfamiliar with Tuk Tuk Cha. The must-order here is their Thai Iced Milk Tea, an indulgent yet refreshing beverage with flavours that your ordinary bubble tea stores cannot recreate. What’s more, you can choose your sweetness level and even add on toppings such as pearls for an extra chew in your drink!

For those who want a full, substantial meal, look no further as Tuk Tuk Cha also serves mains such as rice bowls and boat noodles. The Tom Yum Chicken Rice Bowl is served with fried chicken chunks atop short-grain rice and alongside vegetables. The seasoning used to coat the bite-sized chicken pieces are spicy and piquant, making it the perfect dish for spice lovers!

ORDER FROM: Tuk Tuk Cha via Grabfood, Deliveroo or FoodPanda

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