Top 3 Ranked Best Bento Boxes Offering Islandwide Delivery In Singapore!

Eat Healthy Even At Home

Hello, foodies! We know, some of you are aching to go out to eat your favourite food. But, thank goodness for delivery, am I right? Whatever it is you are craving to eat, we’re pretty sure you can find something you like from GrabFood or even from nearby eateries at where you live. To help you decide, here are 3 Best Bento Boxes in Singapore offering delivery!

Here Are 3 Ranked Bento Boxes Now Offering Islandwide Delivery

What food do you miss eating the most? Whether it is going to your usual hawker centres for your local food fix or gourmet restaurants, we can still get plenty of our favourite food via food delivery. The new normal – staying home and staying safe, seems to have us dependent on food delivery for a little while. So, it’s great that eateries like Kemono help us stay healthy at home as well.

1. Kemono Healthy Japanese Bento

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Coming in at No.1, Kemono Healthy Japanese Bento is probably your best bet for the ultimate healthy meal. Plus, you can customise your own bento box! Order from Kemono now to enjoy delicious and also healthy bento boxes. To place your orders, WhatsApp this number, +65 8600 5997. Or, order via GrabFood too. You can even visit their website for more info,

This bento is Certified Organic chicken leg bento, strawberry salad, and chilled tofu with mala sauce. Also, there are French beans, luncheon, smoked egg and of course, fluffy Japanese rice. If chicken is your go-to protein, be sure to give this one a taste.

Nothing says healthy like a bowl of multigrain rice. Their Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu bento comes with fresh cucumber salad, French bean egg, spicy wings, and of course – multigrain rice. This bento set is super filling and it’s all the good food your body can possibly need.

More of a seafood person? Well then, you should try their Grilled Salmon bento. A hearty meal – this bento comes with a delicious piece of grilled salmon, avocado salad, lamb and smoked egg. Plus, if you prefer eating noodles over rice, this bento is served with cold soba!

Customers can now choose from three different Kemono bento. Plus, you can also choose up to two different sides to go with your main meal. Starting from $1, choose from Wagyu beef, grilled salmon or smoked egg. You can also choose your main carb – Japanese rice, Organic multigrain rice, or Cold Soba. Are you constantly scrolling on GrabFood or online to figure out what you want to eat? Well, stop scrolling and let us help you make your choice – order from Kemono now!

2. LEAN Bento

Craving for something spicy? LEAN Bento offers Petite Chili Chicken Rice that might just satisfy your taste buds. Plus, it’s quite a small portion so this is perfect for those of you looking to eat less. Don’t let the size fool you too because this petite bowl is only $9.90. You can order LEAN Bento via GrabFood or visit their website here!

3. greendot

Last but not the least, eat green and feel good with meals from greendot. Their bento box meal comes with one main and two choices of greens. Here we have, premium chicken rendang with some pumpkin and broccoli. A simple yet healthy meal, you can get this bento box at $8.90 only. Place your orders here using this link.

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