Tiger Sugar’s Fifth Store In Singapore Is Now Open At Northpoint City

Hello, fam! We are back with the latest news from the bubble tea world! The bubble tea store that is very well-known for its combination of brown sugar and fresh milk has finally opened another store. Tiger Sugar’s Fifth Store In Singapore Is Now Open At Northpoint City. There are photographs of its opening, and the queue is really long. Are you wondering why?

Tiger Sugar’s Fifth Store At Northpoint City

Photo: Tiger Sugar (Facebook)

It’s true! We cannot seem to take a break from bubble tea news. On the same day of The Alley Luxe‘s opening at Cineleisure, Tiger Sugar’s fifth store also did its grand opening at Northpoint City. So, what’s the lucky date for bubble tea store opening? 18th May 2019. So, how did they manage to get a very long queue, when another notable bubble tea store is also opening at the same time? Well, give out some hoodies, of course.

Photo: Tiger Sugar (Facebook)
Photo: Tiger Sugar (Facebook)

Yes, the hoodie looks pretty legit with claw marks at the back with a small bubble tea print in the front. Can’t say no to a good hoodie. In order to get their limited edition hoodie, you need to be the first fifty customers to purchase six cups of brown sugar milk series. And, it is only limited to one hoodie per customer. If you have gotten one, we are sure it is very valuable.

Photo: Tiger Sugar (Facebook)
Photo: Tiger Sugar (Facebook)

If you think you have heard about brands giving out hoodies before, we wrote an article for McDonald’s before. McDonald’s also gave out some legit hoodies during the launch of McGriddles. Anyway, Northpoint City will be the fifth location for Tiger Sugar. Other stores are located in Jurong Point Shopping Center, Capitol Piazza, Paragon Shopping Mall, and Chinatown Point.

Another Day, Another Bubble Tea Store.

Photo: Tiger Sugar (Facebook)

Have you tried out their famous Brown Sugar Bubble Milk With Cream Mousse? Honestly, it is one of the best tasting brown sugar and fresh milk combination out there. Do you like the idea that food and beverages brands are creating their very own merchandise? We think that it is a really good idea. We can wear them to show love and support!

Link(s): Facebook 

Location: Northpoint City, #01 – 153

Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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