Swensen’s Releases New Christmas Menu Featuring Poultry Platter, Crème Brûlée Ice Cream & More!

Tis the season to be jolly and Swensen’s has released a new Christmas menu this year to bring families and friends together for a time of glorious eating. Indulge in exquisite sharing platters, delectable mains, and show-stopping ice cream creations to celebrate the upcoming festive season!


Swensen’s Releases New Christmas Menu

Available from now till 3 January 2024, enjoy the following delectable dishes:

New Mains To Indulge In

1. Mushroom Fettuccine ($18.90)

Perfect for mushroom lovers, enjoy plump and chewy shiitake and button mushrooms paired with al dente pasta that packs a sharp and savoury note.

2. Poultry Platter ($41.90)

Indulge in a mouth-watering platter consisting of chicken ham, half Hickory BBQ chicken, chicken bratwurst sausages, and chicken snail sausages that’s every meat lover’s dream. Paired with a Tuscan tomato sauce, each bite is greeted with a delightful sweetness,

3. Ocean Catch Platter ($41.90)


The treasures of the ocean are gathered all in one platter – Salmon Filets, Poached Butterfly King Prawns, Squid, and Breaded Scallops, all paired together with an incredible smoked chilli chimichurri sauce.

4. Beef Lasagne Platter ($35.90)


This multi-layered delight features juicy minced meat, tomato sauce, and mixed cheeses, including grated Parmesan. An Italian classic that’s a delectable comfort food.

New Festive Desserts For Sweet Tooths

1. Affogato with Honeycomb ($7.80)


This sweet treat is built on a base of strawberry sauce, a scoop of affogato with honeycomb ice cream, whipped cream, a mini honeycomb chocolate bar, and hot chocolate fudge.

2. Crème Brûlée ($9.80)

An insta-worthy dessert, two crème brûlée ice cream sits atop crunchy coco pops and is topped with whipped cream, colourful mini marshmallows, and a sour blast apple candy tree.

3. More S’mores ($12.80)

Back by popular demand, this holiday favourite features two scoops of s’mores ice cream, layered with crumbly biscuits and marshmallow sauce. It is then topped with toasted marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate fudge.

4. Snowscape Wonderland ($13.80)

Explore the secrets of this wonderland – a “bed” of thick toasts that features a scoop each of crème brûlée and sticky chewy chocolate ice cream and a cream “snow” blanket. The spiral Christmas tree is made of sour candy and other decorations include crunchy pretzels, diced almonds and juicy strawberries.

5. Snowie Is Comin’ ($12.80)

Santa Snowie is coming your way down and giving you a scrumptious present – three scoops of all-time favourite, seasonal ice creams: Affogato with Honeycomb, Crème Brûlée, and Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

Ice Cream Cake Galore (Available Till 3 Jan 2024)

1. Amber Ember ($66.00, 1kg)

A luscious core of crème brûlée ice cream is encased in a layer of torched marshmallow and studded with shimmery white, capturing the essence of a crackling ember’s glow.

2. Santa’s Secret ($66.00,1kg)

Awaken your senses with the fragrant notes of the Affogato with Honeycomb bits Ice Cream, arrayed with chocolate decorations, airy meringues and mocha beans.

3. Snow Charlotte ($61.00, 1kg)

Celebrate the winter snowfall with this non-alcoholic creation. Smoked oat tiramisu ice cream is encased by cocoa-coated sponge fingers, topped with cream and sprinkled with chocolate shavings. Tied with a vibrant red ribbon, it invites you to unwrap moments of joy and sweetness.

4. Yuleberry Log ($51.00, 500g)

Embodying the holiday spirit, this lip-smacking offering showcases the creamy richness of Hokkaido milk. Resembling a rustic log, enjoy a trio of berry ice cream and fruity berries as decorations.

5. Mintertide Surprise ($51.00, 500g)

Embark on a frost-kissed adventure with thin-mint ice cream that is tinged with peppermint goodness. A delicious surprise lies within – a hidden core filled with crispy chocolate delights! Sitting atop are three mint macarons accompanied by decadent chocolate chunks.

6. Fireside Cookie Dip ($51.00, 600g)

Paying homage to the tradition of offering Santa sweet treats on Christmas Eve, this ice cream cake features cookie dough ice cream that’ll hit the spot for people of all ages.

7. Merry Giftmas ($66.00, 1kg)

Improving on Swensen’s bestseller, the beloved sticky chewy chocolate ice cream is paired with a decadent chocolate ganache crumble base.

Indulge In A Memorable Christmas Feast At Home

Hosting a gathering at home? Let Swensen’s take care of the food preparation while you mingle with your guests! Pre-order today and self-collect from now till 3 Jan 2024.

1. Ravishing Roasts

  • Herb Roast Brazil Turkey ($168.00)
  • Roast Beef ($98.00)
  • Herb Roast Chicken ($55.00)
  • Honey Glazed Chicken Ham ($50.00)
  • Salmon Wellington ($65.00)

2. Spectacular Spreads

  • Yuletide Wings – 18pcs ($31.90)

3. Gorgeous Greens

  • Christmas Fruit Salad ($22.90)
  • Herb Roasted Vegetables ($23.90)
  • Truffle Roast U.S. Potatoes ($23.90)

4. Comforting Carbs

  • Garlic Sourdough Bread – Half Loaf ($19.90)
  • IMPOSSIBLE™ Shepherd’s Pie ($38.90)
  • Potatoes Au Gratin ($31.90)

Promotions Now Available

  • Early Bird Special: From now to Dec 10
  • Post Early Bird Special: Dec 11 to 3 January 2024


  • 15% off Christmas Cakes (Early Bird Special)
  • 10% off Christmas Cakes (Post Early Bird Special)


  • 10% off Christmas Cakes (Early Bird Special)
  • 5% off Christmas Cakes (Post Early Bird Special)

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