This Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake Is So Insta-Worthy, It’s Perfect To Make It For Mother’s Day

Hello there friends! This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day (friendly reminder to all). We just have to ask, how will you guys be celebrating? Will you be getting a gift for your Mom? Or, are you planning to cook her up a meal so that she can take a quick break? If any of you are still figuring out what to do, we’ve got a pretty cake recipe that guarantees to melt your Mom’s heart. It’s a Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake and this cake is also perfect to glam up your Instagram.

Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake Will Melt Every Mother’s Heart

It goes without saying, mothers are always deserving of appreciation. From the moment they brought us to this world, to the never-ending nurture and care, it’s no wonder they have one day especially for all mothers out there. So, if you’re a baker and you’re thinking to whip something up for your mom, try out this Insta-worthy recipe!

Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake Recipe
Photo: @ChuahChiewSee

We’ve reached out to the baker of this too-pretty-to-be-eaten cake to find out the inspiration behind this masterpiece. According to Chiew See, “The weather has been really hot so the family has been craving light and cold cakes, hence my combination of jelly and mousse. This allows me to also incorporate a variety of fruits.”

Comprising of 3 parts, the cake has a crunchy Oreo base that’s a nice contrast to the light and fluffy mousse. With fresh strawberries, the cake will have a fruity taste. Also, as the top is a layer of jelly, it’s a favourite among children.

“This cake also does not require me to switch on the oven, which is a boon for me during this period, when cooking seems a like a never-ending exercise. The beautiful colour of the strawberries makes it great for Mother’s Day!”, said Chiew See.

Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake Recipe
Photo: @ChuahChiewSee


(A) Oreo Cookies Base

100g oreo cookies

40g melted butter

(B) Mousse 

200g dairy whipping cream

40g sugar

12g gelatine

100g milk

100g chopped strawberries

(C) Jelly Layer 

340g water

35g sugar

4g konyaku jelly powder( Substitute agar-agar powder with konnyaku for a less chewy jelly layer)

Some strawberries for decoration

Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake Recipe
Photo: @ChuahChiewSee


  • Place the oreo cookies in a ziplock bag and use a rolling pin to crush until fine crumbs.
  • Mix the crushed oreo and melted butter in a bowl evenly.
  • Place a 6” mousse ring on a plate. Press the crushed oreo firmly to form an even layer of cookies base. Chill in the fridge while preparing the fruits and mousse.
  • Cut strawberries into heart shape using cookies cutter. Stick the strawberries at the side of the mousse ring and leave some to decorate the jelly layer.
  • Double boil the milk and gelatine till fully dissolved.
  • Add sugar to the whipping cream and whip to soft peak.
  • Fold the milk and gelatine mixture to the whipped cream evenly.
  • Split the mousse into two equal parts. Add the 100g chopped strawberries to one of the mousse.
  • Pour the plain mousse onto the cookies base.
  • Pour the strawberries mousse in the middle of the plain mousse.
  • Chill in the fridge for 2 hours.
  • Mix konyaku powder, sugar, and water in a saucepan.
  • Heat up the mixture until a gentle simmer.
  • Decorate the mousse top with strawberries.
  • Cool down the konyaku mixture slightly before pouring onto the mousse.
  • Chill for at least 4 hours.
  • For easy removal, use a warm towel to wrap around the mousse ring.
Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake Recipe
Photo: @ChuahChiewSee

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special This Year!

Although the process is a little lengthy, we can safely assure you guys that the hard work will definitely pay off. This is because your Mom will definitely smile from ear to ear and suffice to say, that may very well be worth all the hard work. Good luck trying and Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at the Foodie team.

Link(s): Chiew See’s Facebook | Instagram (for more unique cake inspirations)

This recipe is by @ChuahChiewSee 

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