Starbucks S’pore Drops Magical Mid-Autumn Merchandises With Adorable Frolicking Bunnies


  • Starbucks Singapore drops the latest merchandises for Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • It has bunnies, flower fields, and full moons!
  • Now available in Starbucks Flagship Store (LazMall).

Hey, there! You know what it is. It is the most magical time of the year. Well, one of the most magical times of the year. Mid-Autumn Festival is just more than a month away. You will see mooncake stores popping up in every corner of Singapore. Of course, Starbucks has released its very own mooncakes, infused with coffee and tea! That’s not the end of the list as merchandises are finally here.

Starbucks’ Mid-Autumn Merchandises

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 16oz: $45.90 16oz: $36.90^ 20oz: $29.90 16oz: $29.90
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 12oz: $39.90^ 18oz: $24.90
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 25oz: $32.90 24oz: $32.90

Every year, Starbucks will never cease to amaze with adorable merchandises to add to our collection during the Mid-Autumn season. As usual, the collection comprises of a spectacular full moon and adorable frolicking bunnies. This year, the designs are embodying the night sky with dark blue, with prints of a flower field, white bunnies, and a perfectly round moon.

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 3oz: $18.90* 16oz: $26.90
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 10oz: $33.90*
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | $34.90

Tumblers aside, mugs are also part of the collection. A contrast from the tumblers, some of the mugs are in bright colours. There’s a particular mug that shapes like a moon, with bunnies lounging right on top. Priced at $39.90 the mug with lid is a definite must-have. Or, sparkle up your room with a bunny that lights up. Priced at $50.90, it comes with magical forest prints.

Now Available In Starbucks Flagship Store

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 3oz: $28.90* 12oz: $30.90
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 12oz: $28.90
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 8oz: $29.90
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 8oz: $50.90

It is so easy to get your hands on Starbucks merchandises. Forget about queueing in stores when you can simply add to cart at Starbucks Flagship Store at LazMall. But, if there is a Starbucks outlet near to your location, there’s no harm to getting yourself a Frappuccino while browsing through the latest drop. What’s your favourite merchandise in this collection? Let us know in the comments!

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