Starbucks Singapore Releases NEW Sakura Collection For Spring 2020!

To Celebrate The Arrival Of Spring!

Singapore may be a country with year-long summers, but that never stops us from celebrating the seasons as they come. After a long year, spring is back again, meaning we can anticipate a variety of pretty flower-themed collections coming up!

To welcome the season of flowers, the coffee chain Starbucks has released an extensive new collection to capture the beauty of bloom. From new tumblers and mugs to season-exclusive menu items, we’re all in for a treat! 😋

Check Out Starbucks Singapore’s Spring 2020 Collection!

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

With over 20 new mug and bottle designs, Starbucks has really outdone themselves this time! The collectibles are centered around a purple-and-pink colour scheme, mostly containing some flowery elements to pay homage to the famous sakura flowers of spring.

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

The petal-themed collection will be available from today (19 Feb) onwards, with prices beginning from $19.90. Do note that some of the designs are outlet-exclusive, while stocks last. As such, be sure to check out the full list of designs and their respective outlets here before heading down!

New Dreamy Desserts & Spring Season 2020 Blend!

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

To suit the pretty pink and purple hues of the collection, Starbucks will also be adding three new cake flavours to the menu – Blueberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Lemon Cake and Chocolate Strawberry Cake. More cake is always a win!

Starbucks’ limited edition Spring Season Blend will also be available in stores, from $10.90 onwards. The blend carries bold flavours, and has notes of dark cherry and spice. Created specially for the season, the take-home blend perfectly encapsulates the best parts of spring!

Brand New Macchiato & Cold Brews!

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Lastly, what is a new Starbucks collection without some new drinks? Along with the Sakura collection, the French Hazelnut MacchiatoCocoa Oat Macchiato and Grapefruit Mint Cold Brew will be making their debut on the Starbucks beverage menu! The Cocoa Oat Macchiato marks Starbucks’ first dairy-free macchiato option, while the Grapefruit Mint Cold Brew combines the best of citrus and mint flavours with their signature Cold Brew!

Do note that the Grapefruit Mint Cold Brew will only be available from 20 Feb onwards.

Welcome Spring With Starbucks Singapore’s Spring 2020 Collection

Even though Singapore may not have naturally-blooming Sakura flowers to signal the coming of spring, Starbucks’ new collection is definitely something to look forward to!

If you’re looking to get any of the new bottles or mugs, be sure to head down soon because they may be snatched up quickly! All the best! 😉

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