9 Best Breakfast Spots In Singapore (2023 Guide)

Singapore’s first cloth-pulled chang fen (rice roll) specialty store, Yin Ji is a great breakfast place conveniently located in the CBD for diners on the hunt for Chinese comfort food to kickstart their day.

Photo: @yinjisg (Instagram)

At Yin Ji, their cloth-pulled change fen comes stuffed with a generous portion of meat and vegetables. Each plate comes with simply one massive rice roll drenched in a light soy sauce. From the tender char siew pieces to the silky cloth-pulled rice roll wrappers, everything in Yin Ji is handmade to perfection.

Popular chang fen varieties include the Char Siew and Egg, Fresh Shrimp, and Tender Pork. Head down to Yin Ji the next time you’re in town to enjoy yummy rice rolls, noodles, and congee dishes before a hectic workday!

Photo: @yinjisg (Instagram)

Address: 133 Amoy St, #01-01, Singapore 049962

Opening Hours: Mondays, 9:30 am – 4 pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:30 am – 7 pm, Closed on Sundays

2. Li Fang Porridge

Photo: @iizumizz (Instagram)

Best for leisurely mornings, porridge is the ranks high on the the breakfast favourites list. A comfort food that many look forward to digging into on cold and rainy mornings, Li Fang Porridge has a bowl of congee for every discerning palate. They offer as many as 17 different types of porridge.

Photo: @bennydunreallycare (Instagram)

First-time customers have to try their Century Egg Congee that comes served with a single piece of fried dough stick straddled across the bowl. Crispy on the outside and soft and pillowy inside, the perfectly fried piece of you tiao is best enjoyed by breaking it up into pieces and dipping into the steaming hot bowl of Chinese jook.

Photo: @dontplaywithfoodsg (Instagram)

Perfect for Sunday breakfast together as a family, this humble little porridge stall is a must-visit for a taste of traditional Chinese congee.


Address : 270 Queen Street, #01-78, Singapore 180270

Opening Hours : Daily, 7 am – 10 pm

3. Heap Seng Leong

Photo: @heapsengleong (Instagram)

Well-known for serving only traditional breakfast sets, Heap Seng Leong has not only retained the beloved flavours of the past but also the look and charm of old school coffeeshops that commonly lined the streets in the 1970s. Littered with old relics such as vintage orange public phones, abacus used to tally bills and outdated calendar sheets, this unique eatery is a time capsule of a coffee shop allows patrons to experience what kopitiams were like back in early-Independence Singapore.

Photo: @napkin_feedbacker (Instagram)

Prepared entirely from scratch, a set here will set you back $4.20. Consisting of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and a hot drink of your choice, the thick toast here features thick, fluffy white or brown bread grilled over charcoal, then slathered with a tasty layer of rich Hainanese kaya before being finished with a square of cold butter.

Photo: @heapsengleong (Instagram)

For the hot drink of your choice, we recommend going for the Kopi. Brewed the good ol’ fashioned way, each cup of coffee here is brewed by packing beans into a sock and then steeping them in a long-necked kettle, with water boiled over charcoal. Freshen your mornings with their crowd favourite Kopi Gu You ($1.30). A creamy and strong cup of coffee, this hot kopi features a cube cold butter that melts to create a smooth and buttery creaminess.

A great place to have local breakfast, Heap Seng Leong is the place to be to enjoy a truly nostalgic experience.


Address : 10 North Bridge Road,  #01-5109, Singapore 190010

Opening Hours : Daily, 5 am – 4 pm

4. True Breakfast

Photo: @true_breakfast (Instagram)

True Breakfast at Capitol is a popular Taiwanese all-day breakfast place that serves authentic Taiwanese fare.

Reasonably priced at $12.80, their signature True Sandwich is a flavour bomb. Despite being stuffed with simple ingredients such as luncheon meat, pork chop, pork floss, and a generous layer of peanut butter, the deceptively innocent dish is an incredible mouthful of triple-folded egg and umami meat.

A must-have for every breakfast, eggs are an essential part of the day’s most important meal. The Pork Floss and Cheese Omelette ($8.30) made up of two omelettes wrapped around pork floss and cheese has all the hallmarks of a perfect breakfast dish.

Photo: @true_breakfast (Instagram)

A place where Taiwanese in Singapore can go for a scrumptious all-day breakfast to revel in an authentic taste of Taiwan with the restaurant’s nostalgic menu, drop by Capitol to kickstart your day!

Address: 13 Stamford Road, #01-21, Singapore 178905

Opening Hours: Daily, 8 am – 8 pm

5. Breakfast Hola

Photo: @superkneady (Instagram)

We found the perfect Asian breakfast dish for those who simply can’t start their day without rice or bread! Introducing Breakfast Hola, a little Japanese joint nestled in Chinatown that serves popular Taiwanese eats such as thick toasts, egg crepes, and braised pork rice bowls for breakfast.

The perfect balance of egg to crepe ratio, the crisply fried Egg Crepe ($4.50+) is a great dish to start off any day with. Bite into the dish to revel in fluffy eggs accompanied by the crunch of the crisp crepe edges. Toast lovers should also not miss out on ordering the Grilled Pork Meat and Egg Toast ($5.80+).

A mere 5-minute walk from Chinatown MRT, Breakfast Hola is a great place to stop by and dig into a yummy breakfast if you happen to be in the area.

Photo: @breakfasthola (Instagram)

Address: 280 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058829

Operating Hours: Daily, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, Closed on Tuesdays

6. Hello Arigato

Photo: @helloarigato.official (Instagram)

If you love fusion brunch menus, Hello Arigato is a wonderful breakfast place that will be right up your alley! This cafe is known for their thick sandos, stuffed with Wagyu, noodles and delectable desserts.

Sandwiched between fluffy slices of Japanese Milk bread is a slab of prime Angus beef sirloin plastered with a generous spread of caramelised sweet onion jam. The beef is thinly coasted with a crisp layer of battered breadcrumbs and made for a gorgeous Instagram brunch shot. A local variation of the Wagyu sandos, the Otah Sando is an equally appetising and addictive option that rewards with a burst of flavours from the harmony of fiery sambal sauce and creamy coconut sauce and diced up chunks of otah.

Photo: @helloarigato.official (Instagram)

For those who prefer bread for breakfast, go for their signature Hello Sticky Buns ($6++). Caramelised with a sweet brown sugar sauce and topped with chunks of pecan nuts and cinnamon powder, this mouthwatering dessert is the perfect treat to pair with your morning cup of joe.

Photo: @helloarigato.official (Instagram)

Although prices are on the steeper end at this hyped-up cafe, the delicious sandos and creamy pasta choices proved themselves to be worth every penny! An easily assecible place in Upper Thomson neighbourhood, make time to drop by for breakfast or brunch with friends here.

Address: 227 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574359

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 11 am – 4 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm, Saturdays to Sundays 10 am – 4 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm

7. The Pantree

Photo: @doubleshadows (Instagram)

Another localicious delight that has won over the hearts and stomachs of many Singaporeans, Min Jiang Kueh is a fluffy, fragrant peanut pancake that has become a favourite breakfast staple. While the traditional version sees fillings of neon-orange coconut or crushed peanuts and sugar stuffed between the soft, cloud-like pancake, modern renditions have a wide range of classic, sweet and savoury flavours like yam, chocolate, biscoff, and even cheese.

Photo: (Instagram)

Made to order, every slice of Min Jiang Kueh is served fresh from the pan. Cooked to perfection and topped with a generous portion of your chosen topping, the thin and crisp pancake shells are decorated with sugar to sweeten the batter.

Photo: @hellozizilovepanda (Instagram)

A fuss-free option that one can grab and go, treat yourself to a warm and savoury pancake any day of the week to brighten up your mornings!

Address: 114 Lavender Street #01-19 CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729

Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 830 am – 5 pm & Saturdays,  930 am – 4 pm

8. One Kueh At A Time

Photo: @onekuehatatime (Instagram)

A hidden gem that all Westies should known about, One Kueh At A Time is a cafe housed in an industrial building along Pandan Loop. Using recipes are passed down from his old parents who have been making kuehs, the owner churns out yummy soon kuehs on a daily basis with a mix of handmade and machine made skins. The soon kueh is definitely the star here. It comes with different fillings such as turnip, chives (koo chye), hae bee biam, bak kwa and beetroot.

Photo: @onekuehatatime (Instagram)

Each skin is meticulously retrieved from the machine before before filled with the handmade stuffings and lovingly folded up into the all familiar shape of a soon kueh that we know and love. The kuehs are then placed into a huge industrial steamer to be cooked and warmed up before they are served.

Photo: @yyw (Instagram)

The result is a plate of brightly coloured soon kueh that paper thin, translucent skin shines in the sunlight. Stuffed full of ingredients, their classic soon kueh is made with juicy turnips, black fungus and dried shrimps. Another interestingly tasty flavour is the bak kwa soon kueh. This sweet and savoury snack is made with made with Lim Chee Guan’s signature bak kwa and makes for a delicious bite in the mornings.

Address: 230 Pandan Loop #01-K1, Singapore 128415

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am – 6 pm (by reservation only). Closed on Mondays.

9. Flock Cafe

Photo: @j_essfood (Instagram)

For those who live in the East, fret not! There is an equal abundance of cafes with good food and great vibes for you to get breakfast at on your way to work. Flock Cafe at Tanjong Katong is one such cafe with an extensive menu of caffeinated beverages and sumptuous breakfast platters for all those living and working in the East side of Singapore.

Photo: @choconomz (Instagram)

A family-run rustic café that first opened Tiong Bahru serving a range of all-day-breakfast dishes and coffee, the well-loved brand has opened a second outlet at Tanjong Katong. Fans can find similar menu items from their Tiong Bahru branch at this new outlet. For those big on breakfast, there are scrumptious and healthy options here such as the Big Breakfast, Avocado Toast, and Banana French Toast.

Don’t forget to enjoy them with a freshly brewed cup of coffee made using Liberty’s Coffee aromatic blend for the complete brunch experience.

Photo: @choconomz (Instagram)

Drop by for a hearty breakfast!

Address: 226 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437015

Opening Hours: Daily, 8 am – 8:30 pm

Try One Spot For Each Day Of The Week!

With a wide variety of breakfast dishes on this list, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Be it a traditional or modern breakfast spot, one thing’s for sure, they all offer amazing breakfast staples you shouldn’t miss out on! Hurry and try them all today!

Cover Photo: @helloarigato.official (Instagram), @dontplaywithfoodsg (Instagram), @yyw (Instagram), @choconomz (Instagram)

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