Signature By KOI Is Launching Whiskey Oriental & VSOP Chocolate On 1st July

KOI Thé is great, but sometimes Signature by KOI is a little better! The tea rooms are more comfortable, and the beverages are brilliant. Signature by KOI is famous for creating one-of-a-kind bubble tea beverages with alcohol, and it is about to drop another. Signature by KOI is helping us to start July with a bang. Are you ready for some new combinations of bubble tea and alcohol?

Launching Whiskey Oriental Beauty & VSOP Chocolate

Photo: Signature by KOI (Website)
Photo: Signature by KOI (Website)

Head down to any Signature by KOI on 1st July to be one of the firsts to try out their brand new creations. Introducing Whiskey Oriental ($14.90), the latest beverage is a combination of Oriental Beuty Tea and Whiskey. According to Signature by KOI’s menu, Oriental Beauty is a mixture of wild nectar, rose, blackberry, ad melon. The alcohol content of the beverage is only 2%. You can add an additional shot for $3.

Photo: Signature by KOI (Website)

If you love some boba, you will be disappointed to know that toppings are not allowed on Whiskey Oriental. Fortunately, you can add toppings such as boba, mini bubbles, konjac pearls, and coconut jelly into VSOP Chocolate. Priced at $10.60, it is a combination of chocolate milk and Brandy VSOP. It is topped off with ice cream and biscuit bits. Creamy, and crunchy.

Available From 1st July 2021 Onwards

Photo: Signature by KOI (Website)
Photo: Signature by KOI (Website)
These beverages are not available for people below 18 or dressed in uniforms.

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