PrimaDeli Releases NEW Limited Edition Lotus Biscoff Waffle Till July 31!

Good news, PrimaDeli is back with a new flavour of their popular waffles that is sure to be a hit. From now till July 31, enjoy the sweet and crunchy limited edition Lotus Biscoff Waffle ($2.80) at all outlets islandwide!


PrimaDeli Releases Lotus Biscoff Waffle

Photo: PrimaDeli (Facebook)

Enjoy a beautiful balance of warm freshly made waffles and the iconic caramelized Lotus Biscoff spread for one delicious treat.

Don’t forget that their other flavours are still available as well! You could order this new item, as well as their Kaya, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Cheese waffles.

Available at the waffle station at all PrimaDeli outlets islandwide, the Lotus Biscoff Waffle will run only till July 31, so hurry and get yours today!

Cover Photo: PrimaDeli (Facebook)

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