Pop-Up Brick Bar With More One Million LEGOs Used Coming To Singapore

We are so excited ’cause there are just too many pop-ups around Singapore. It just gives us an opportunity to experience different things. Recently, even Gucci joined the bandwagon and created a pop-up of their own with Singapore Edition’s menu. It’s so fancy ’cause you will be eating on Gucci plates! Here’s the latest news! Pop-Up Brick Bar With More One Million LEGOs Used Coming To Singapore.


1,000,000 LEGO bricks are used!

Photo: @thebrickbars (Instagram)

If you ever want to be in a LEGO movie, here’s your chance as you will be surrounded by not ten thousand, but one million LEGO bricks in total. That’s insane. You will have the opportunity to create your very own movie scene here. Hehe. Yup, the brick bar is an adult playground that you cannot say no to ’cause it reminds you of fun childhood days.

Photo: @thebrickbar (Instagram)

As it is a traveling brick bar, the brick bar has been assembled in different places. Some of them are assembled by the team themselves. It is going to be interesting as other people’s creations will also be featured in the brick bar. So, we are sure that there are going to be some wild sculptures. If you are wondering, you can build your very own sculpture right here too!

Drinks are served in LEGO bricks!

Photo: @jacqbg02 (Instagram)
Photo: @laurachel (Instagram)

In order to fit the theme, beverages are served in a huge LEGO brick. If you are visiting, it is a must to snap a photo of it. There will be food served in the venue as well. One of the most notable are the sliders that come in a four grid LEGO brick. It looks cute in photos, but we are not sure about eating it ’cause the colours are so vibrant. What do you think?

Will you be attending?

Photo: @thebrickbars (Instagram)
Photo: @thebrickbars (Instagram)

Apart from making sculptures, playing games, and making wishes at the wishing well, there will also be a DJ spinning. After all, it is a brick bar. If you are wondering, this will be happening in October, and you can sign up for pre-release tickets right here. So, are you going to dress up as your favourite LEGO character to recreate a movie scene? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Under 21’s must be accompanied by an adult.

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