KitKat Ice Cream Stick Is Now Available In S’pore At FairPrice And It’s Perfect For Chocolate Lovers

Have A Break, Have A KitKat Ice Cream

Hello, foodies! Have you been working from home a lot lately? Well, if you are and you’re feeling a little tense, we’ve got just the thing for you. Looking for a good break? We have great news because KitKat Ice Cream Stick is now available in Singapore and we’re so excited. Chocolate lovers rejoice because this treat is a perfect pick-me-up during your hectic schedule!

KitKat Ice Cream Stick, Your New Favourite Go-To Dessert

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Having recently launched in our neighbouring country, Malaysia, this ice cream snack is absolutely delectable. If you already love eating KitKat, you are going to enjoy this even more because it is ice cream! Talk about a perfect pairing – KitKat bits and chocolate ice cream.

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You Can Get KitKat Ice Cream Stick At FairPrice For Only S$3

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Much like its tagline, KitKat is definitely what you eat when you want to have a break – a good break. Yes, some of you may have already tried the alternative, KitKat Ice Cream Cone but we’re absolutely certain that this new one tastes so much better. Are you excited to try it yet? Get yours now at FairPrice for only S$3. 

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Enjoy This Delicious Ice Cream With Your Friends And Family

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What are you waiting for? The next time you go grocery shopping at FairPrice, look out for this treat and get yourself one or shall we say – two of these new KitKat Ice Cream Stick to share with your friends and family. It’s delicious and we know you won’t be disappointed. Know someone who loves KitKat? Tag them in the comments and share this article so everyone can enjoy it! Bye for now!

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