Limited Edition OREO Enrobed Now Available At Cold Storage S’pore

Good day friends! When you’re looking to take a quick break and pump some sugar into our system, what do you guys go for? Some will opt for ice cream and some cookies. When we talk about cookies, somehow we’ll all think of OREO. Have you guys heard of OREO Enrobed?

Limited Edition OREO Chocolate And Snowy Enrobed Now Available In S’pore

OREO, as we know it, is literally everyone’s favourite cookie to date. Whether you like to savour it as it is, or perhaps, twist, lick, and dunk, there’s really no definite way to consume OREO. And most of us are also aware of OREO’s variations.

We have the classic and unique flavours, then we have OREO incorporated into ice cream, into drinks and the list goes on. Of the limited edition OREO cookies, we have the OREO Snowy Enrobed that comes coated in white chocolate. These special OREO cookies really remind us of Christmas.

Photo: @lau_raa_raspberry (Instagram)

Not a fan of white chocolate? No problem! These cookies also come coated in rich milk chocolate, creating yet another variation of OREO!

OREO Enrobed
Photo: @jackyll92 (Instagram)
OREO Enrobed
Photo: @i_shopping_i (Instagram)

And, according to MoneyDigest, you can now get a box of the OREO Enrobed and OREO Snowy Enrobed right here at Cold Storage. Simply head over to the Halloween section and add them into your trolley.

OREO Enrobed
Photo: @oh_mi_sun (Instagram)

Try Out Both For An OREO Indulgence

Each box of the OREO Enrobed and OREO Snowy Enrobed comes with 6 individually packed OREO cookies (2pcs) for $5.95 a box. So, if you love OREO, you definitely won’t wanna miss out on them. Get them while they’re here!

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