NEW: Starbucks Introduces New Singapore-Exclusive Shiok-ah-ccino!


  • Starbucks is introducing a new frappucino – the Singapore-exclusive Shiok-ah-ccino! It’s available from 15 July.
  • Order a venti-sized Shiok-ah-ccino and get a FREE Shiok Cup Sleeve Holder!
  • Other new drinks include the Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappuccino and the Peach Cloud with Jelly.

It wasn’t so long ago that Starbucks was unveiling its new Fantasy Tail and Choco Nutty Frappucinos. And it’s only been a week or two since they released their new Milo Dinosaur and Ondeh-Ondeh cakes. Now, it’s back with a new drink. Meet the Singapore-exclusive Shiok-ah-ccino!

Singapore-Exclusive Frappucino – Shiok-ah-ccino

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Instagram)

That’s right, folks. To beat the heat, Starbucks has come up with yet another colourful concoction. This time, it’s even localised! Probably to match its recent release of local delights like their Impossible Rendang Pie.

Fans of strawberry flavour, you’ll love the Shiok-ah-ccino. Blended with real strawberries and non-fat milk, it’s safe to say that this will definitely be up your alley. Each cup is topped with a Shiok! chocolate and stars, just to add a little creaminess to the refreshing berry tang. We can already tell this is going to be our new go-to the next time the weather gets hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement.

It’ll be truly shiok. 

Buy the Shiok-ah-ccino – And Get a FREE Cup Sleeve Holder

Photo: @bebywenwen (Instagram)

As if the new drink itself isn’t cool (ha!) enough, you’ll also be getting a free Shiok! cup sleeve with every purchase of a venti-sized one. It’s available while stocks last, so – grab yours fast! Just remember to mask up and mantain social distancing while you’re queueing for it.

Other Drinks

Photo: Starbucks Singapore

Strawberry not quite your thing? Fret not – Starbucks is releasing two other drinks with the Shiok-ah-ccino.

A combination of white peach juice, Teavana™ Emperor’s Clouds & Mist green tea, the Peach Cloud with Jelly is definitely a refresher we can get behind. Each cup contains peach jelly and diced white peaches, and is topped with cold white peach foam. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like exactly what we need on a sweltering summer’s day.

Take note that it only comes in a Grande cup, though.

And the Chocolate Granola Banana Yogurt Frappucino isn’t so bad, either. It’s got yogurt and creamy banana sauce in it. Complete with a light chocolate milk foam and a honey-glazed granola topping, it’s perfect for anyone who prefers a richer drink to the other, fruitier counterparts Starbucks has introduced this time.

All three of these drinks will be available from 15 July! For more information, you can look here.

Don’t these sound delicious? Go get yours today!

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