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NEW-IN: Tiger Sugar Dessert Concept Coming To S’pore In Dec 2019!

Tiger Sugar Dessert Opening At Capitol Piazza In December 2019!

I am sure all of us are familiar with Tiger Sugar, one of the most popular bubble tea joints here in Singapore. Guess what, they are introducing an all-new Tiger Sugar dessert concept in December 2019. They will be releasing a range of special desserts really soon, so hang tight and stay tuned!


Tiger Sugar Will Soon Be Introducing All New Dessert Concept At Capital Piazza!

Photo: @tigersugardessertsg (Instagram)
Photo: @tigersugardessertsg (Instagram)

Not only will this be Tiger Sugar Dessert Singapore’s first outlet in Singapore, but it is also the very first outlet in the entire southeast Asia region. They have not officially announced an opening date, but are slated to open in early December 2019.

Tiger Sugar’s New Concept Desserts!

Photo: Tiger Sugar Dessert Singapore
Photo: Tiger Sugar Dessert Singapore

Above all, they will be launching 5 signature Tiger Sugar desserts on their menu which are all made with specially sourced ingredients from Taiwan!

  • Taiwan Taro Lava with Taro Pearl and Cream Mousse ($6.60)
  • Fresh Mango with Golden Crystal and Creamy Sago Milk ($6.90)
  • Red Bean with Taiwan Black Sesame Rice Ball ($7.80)
  • Purple Rice with Red Bean Soup and Sago ($6)
  • Roasted Mung Bean Soup with Golden QQ ($6)

First Tiger Sugar Dessert Singapore Outlet Opening At Capital Piazza In Dec 2019!

The very first Tiger Sugar Dessert Singapore will be opening just a few units down from Tiger Sugar’s flagship store at Capitol Piazza. Hence, do you know what that means? You can easily hop over to get yourself some Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea from Tiger Sugar after you’ve tried some of their special desserts at their new Tiger Sugar dessert concept store.

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