Nasi Lemak & Chendolicious Ice Cream Is Back Again At Cold Stone Creamery S’pore

Hey, fam! Here’s another good news in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day. Cold Stone Creamy is bringing back Nasi Lemak and Chendolicious ice cream. If you have ever wanted to try bizarre ice cream flavours, here’s your opportunity! Never tried it before? Here are all the things you will need to know about these two ice cream flavours!

Nasi Lemak & Chendolicious Ice Cream

Photo: Cold Stone Creamery (Facebook)

You can get these ice cream flavours at all Cold Stone Creamery outlets from 26th July to 31st August 2019. Unlike any other ice cream flavours out there, Nasi Lemak ice cream has a spicy note. Made with coconut ice cream, it is topped off with mixed spicy sambal ikan bilis and peanuts, rice puffs, and also cucumber slices. Looking for something extra spicy? Double Spicy option is also available!

Photo: Cold Stone Creamery (Facebook)

Chendol is perfect to combat the heat in Singapore! Similar to Nasi Lemak ice cream, it has the base of coconut ice cream, topped off with green jellies, red beans, atap seeds, and drizzled with some gula Melaka goodness. How can you say no to this? In addition, you can elevate your ice cream by adding on plain or pandan waffle bowl. Pandan waffle bowl is the best choice, for sure!

Available from 26th July 2019 onwards

Photo: Cold Stone Creamery (Facebook)

Nasi Lemak and Chendolicious ice creams are $8.50 per scoop. Adding plain waffle bowl is $1.20, and pandan waffle bowl is $1.90 each. Want to get some discounts? You can get 15% off when you pay with Mastercard. In our humble opinion, Nasi Lemak ice cream is definitely a must-try! After all, there are no other spots in Singapore that serves Nasi Lemak cold. See you on the next post!


Nasi Lemak & Chendolicious Ice Cream

Location: Cold Stone Creamery Singapore

Duration: 26th July to 31st August 2019

Price: $8.50 per scoop, $1.20 for plain waffle bowl, and $1.90 for pandan waffle bowl. 15% off when you pay with Mastercard.

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