Chef Chan’s Private Dine Now Offering New Lunch And Dinner Menu Featuring Crispy Sakura Chicken, Abalone With Caviar And More

For fans of Chef Chan’s Private Dine who have not heard, it is now helmed by Chef Chan Chen Hei’s protégé, Chef Wong Hong Loong. Be assured of the same delicious taste as Chef Wong continues to bring classic favourites and a repertoire of new spins.


Chef Chan’s Private Dine Introduces New Head Chef

Entrusted with keeping up the restaurant’s good name, Chef Wong breathes new life into the restaurant’s classics with his triple-threat mastery of Chinese cuisine. He is adept at working the hot wok, wielding the roast in skewer, and crafting delicate dim sum. He learned the skills directly from Chef Chan, and together with his abled assistants today, continues to churn out a wide repertoire of dishes, including, of course, the signature Chef Chan’s Famous Crispy Roast Chicken.

An expert in Cantonese cuisine, Chef Wong carved a name for himself with his signature dish of Steamed Empurau Fish, a rare and expensive delicacy of the most expensive fish in the world that is highly sought after by his loyal customers. Armed with more than 20 years of experience cooking for VIPs including government ministers, foreign dignitaries, and famous personalities, Chef Wong is also a skilled observer of fine dining etiquette and the soft art of pampering his guests through impeccable dining experiences.

New Lunch And Dinner Menus By Chef Wong

The Lunch Menu By Loong Shifu ($98++ per pax) brings six courses of old favourites elevated with new creations, sure to appeal to diners novel and loyal. Starting with the Wellness Chicken Soup – a clear and potent chicken soup that is the result of brewing with ginseng for over 12 hours. The rich sweet soup is served in a teapot and poured directly into the diner’s bowl upon serving.

Next is the Daily Seafood from Market, presenting the freshest catch of the day cooked in the most ideal style by the team’s discerning know-how.

The star of the meal is the ‘Loong Shifu ’Signature Crispy Sakura Chicken“ which recreates the iconic Chef Chan’s crispy roasted chicken, identifiable with a paper-crisp skin where all the fat underneath is roasted and melted away, leaving only crisp crunch enveloping lightly brined meat that is tender and moist underneath.

The Wok-Fried Koay Teow with Seasonal Fresh Crab Roe Gravy features silky smooth flat rice noodles stir-fried wok hei goodness with rich crab roe gravy. Things wrap on a sweet note with Red Bean Soup with Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls – a creamy warm bowl of fragrant bean perfect to pair with chewy sesame glutinous rice balls and a final taste of Little Sweets.


The DINNER MENU BY LOONG SHIFU ($188++ per pax) goes the full mile by presenting Chef Wong’s skill in upholding his master’s teachings and adding exciting innovations of his own. It begins with an amuse bouche, this time serving Abalone with Caviar and Maitake Mushroom ‘Kung Fu” Soup of prized abalone further sweetened with caviar and doused with an earthy maitake mushroom soup poured from great heights in “Kung Fu Tea” style.

All that sea sweetness and rounded umami is emboldened with the three golden morsels on small plates– the rich and buttery Foie Gras with Shrimp Paste, Marinated Quail Leg with Five Spices, and Iberico Pork with Chives Dumplings. Continuing to warm the belly is the Wellness Chicken Soup that is served as well.


More treasures of the sea are presented with the Steamed Spotted Grouper with Homemade Tofu and Egg White, where the delicate grouper is further with steamed egg white.


Witness artistry with the Poached Australian Cabbage with Double Boiled Chicken Broth, named after a Chinese proverb that wishes food abundance and fortune with each blooming flower.

Other dishes include the ‘Loong Shifu’ Signature Crispy Sakura Chicken, Wok-Fried Koay Teow with Seasonal Fresh Crab Roe Gravy, and the Chilled Supreme Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar and Little Sweets for dessert.

Fine Tea Pairings

Match your meal with a selection of fine tea pairings to enhance flavours and elevate your dining experience. Highly recommended is the Unfermented Pu’er Disc – Year 1999 ($28 per pax). Known as the “drinkable antique”, this Pu’er is produced by a state-owned Pu-er factory in Yunnan, China. What distinguishes it from other teas is how it gets more fragrant as it ages, blooming with a unique quality and aroma even in storage.

Other options include the Old Bush Oolong Tea ($18 per pax). Proudly standing as one of the 4 famous varieties of Wuyi Rock tea in Fujian province, this variety is from tea trees that are more than 50 years old. There are unique woody notes, and the tea liquor feels thick and soupy. Something more floral tempts with the Osmanthus Oolong Tea ($9 per pax), produced in the soaring Phoenix Mountain. This scented green oolong tea is infused with fresh Osmanthus flowers to create a fragrant floral blend that aids in digestion and relaxation.

Miss not the Long Jing Green Tea ($12 per pax), one of the most famous and highly-rated Chinese Green teas from Hang Zhou in Zhe Jiang province with a light, fresh taste with nutty overtones. Lastly, the White Peony Tea ($9 per pax) is one most spectacular white teas from the Fujian province, consisting of a silvery bud and young leaves boasting hints of floral and tasty rich fruit blossoms. This flowery-tasting white tea has the least caffeine of all the teas.

Cantonese Fine Dining Amidst Colonial Charm


On top of its fine Cantonese cuisine, the restaurant’s colonial setting sets the stage for a delightful gastronomical experience. Step into a colonial bungalow at Scotts Road, a fitting home for Chef Chan’s antique-laden restaurant. Inside, the ambience borrows from the regality of China’s noblemen of old, dining amidst a getting cordoned off with traditional partitions and lavished with sideboards laden with Chinese figurines, carvings, art-deco porcelain vases and ancient calligraphy hanging scrolls.

Past and present together in a restaurant that transports each diner back in time with every seating of a maximum of two tables only, holding a total of 16 guests.

Hurry make your reservations here today!

Address: 35 Scotts Road, Singapore 228227 (within INDOCAFÉ–Peranakan Dining)

Operating Hours: Tues to Sun, 12pm to 2.30pm & 6pm to 9.30pm

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