Molten Milo Lava Pau Now Available On Shopee For $4.20 For A Pack Of 4!

Attention all Milo lovers, we have the perfect snack for you! Frozen dim sum merchant SMH Food has recently launched a Wholemeal Molten Milo Lava Pau for you to enjoy! This tasty snack is sold exclusively on SMH’s Shopee page, with a set of four going for $4.20.

SMH Milo Lava Pau

Photo:@iamhungrytodayy (Instagram)
Image:@iamhungrytodayy (Instagram)

With a pack of four going for $4.20, each pau essentially costs $1.05, which might be slightly pricey for frozen buns. Do note the price does not include shipping fees. However, there will be discounts occasionally and you can qualify for free shipping with orders above $50.

Photo:@yuqinfooddiary (Instagram)
Image:@iamhungrytodayy (Instagram)

Each wholemeal pau is filled with a generous amount of Milo lava, which turns molten after heating them up. Six to seven minutes in the steamer is all you need, but be careful not to oversteam them as the center will turn hard and crumbly. To get the best results, stick to the recommended heating duration on the package! A piece of advice would be to steam one individually first to get the timing right before steaming multiple at once. If you want to switch things up, you can even try air-frying them for a crispy exterior!

Tastewise, it leans more on the chocolatey side, with a mild malty flavour. The pau is soft and fluffy, making it feel like you’re eating warm chocolate bread. For the milo lovers, you will probably find these a tad underwhelming, but they’re definitely still worth a try!

Array Of Other Flavours Available

Besides the Milo Lava Pau, SMH has an array of other paus for you to choose from! Do note some of them can be found at FairPrice while some can only be found on their Shopee page. Here are some of the other available flavours:

Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau 


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Matcha Red Bean Pau

Photo:@i_fancyumatcha (Instagram)

Tau Sar Pau

Image:@mymeltingmatcha (Instagram)

Chicken Char Siew Pau

Photo:@matchabeanies (Instagram)

Order The Milo Lava Pau Today!

Do note delivery is typically around two days after your order has been placed. Choose between two time slots: 10am to 2pm, and 3pm to 7pm. However for Saturdays, there’s only the 10am to 2pm time slot available, and there are no deliveries made on Sundays. This unique pau is definitely something you don’t see very often, making it worthwhile to try it! Hurry and order today!

Cover Photo: @iamhungrytodayy (Instagram), @yuqinfooddiary (Instagram)

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