Farmhouse S’pore Returns With Limited Edition Peppermint Chocolate Milk From $2.50!

Some of you might have remembered in 2018,  F&N Farmhouse launched their limited edition Peppermint Chocolate Flavoured Milk with Fresh Milk. Well, good news! This popular beverage is making a return again this year! For those who have yet to try it, it is a mix of peppermint, chocolate, and Australian milk.

F&N Farmhouse Peppermint Chocolate Flavoured Milk

The peppermint chocolate milk is now available at most supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets.

The drink comes in two sizes:

One Litre Pack ($3.30)

Photo: F&N

490ml Pack ($2.50)

Image: F&N

For those sensitive to caffeine, you can now enjoy your own version of the seasonal peppermint mocha without worrying about the caffeine element. Time to enjoy the Christmas season without worry!


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Try Out This Delicious Beverage Today!

There is currently no news on which specific supermarkets are selling this beverage, but it’s safe to assume it will be available at the major ones. Major supermarkets include FairPrice and Cold Storage so do be sure to check them out. Hurry and get them while stocks last!

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