Mister Donut Releasing Exclusive Uji Matcha Donuts With Morihan For A Limited Time Only From Feb 27!

Good news matcha lovers, Mister Donut has collaborated with matcha master Morihan for a limited time only. what’s better than a Mister Donut pon de ring donut? A Mister Donut pon de ring donut glazed in incredible Uji Matcha!


Mister Donut X Morihan Uji Matcha Donuts

Established in 1836, MORIHAN is a renowned teahouse in Uji, Kyoto, boasting over 180 years of expertise in crafting high-quality matcha. Through generations of dedication, MORIHAN has perfected the art of producing Uji Matcha, known for its exceptional flavour and vibrant hue

The innovative collaboration between MORIHAN’s matcha and Mister Donut introduces a unique fusion of flavours, combining the rich, fragrant matcha with classic donut varieties and creamy fillings. This blend elevates the traditional donut experience, marrying the deep bitterness of matcha with the sweet, comforting textures of Pon de Ring, Old Fashioned, and French Cruller donuts, along with matcha-infused angel and custard creams.

The exclusive collaboration will be rolled out in two waves, offering four unique donut styles from now to June.

Uji Matcha Bliss

Priced at $3 each, these limited edition donuts are a tantalizing blend of Morihan’s authentic Uji matcha and Mister Donut’s beloved creations, presenting a unique mixture of traditional and modern delights.

A standout is the Uji Matcha Pon De Ring, a soft, chewy donut crafted from mochi-mochi dough and matcha powder, further enhanced by a matcha-flavored white chocolate coating.


Purists are in for a treat with the Uji Matcha Old Fashion, a cookie-style donut featuring a subtle hint of matcha powder folded into the dough. Each bite is further complemented by a matcha-flavoured white chocolate layering.

The Uji Matcha French Cut takes a spiral donut, slices it in half, and sandwiches it with matcha cream. This results in a delightful combination of a soft, airy crust and a velvety filling that proves to be irresistibly delicious and addictive.


Lastly, the Uji Matcha Cream fulfills every matcha lover’s dream, featuring a soft and fluffy yeast donut filled to with generous portions of matcha cream, promising a burst of goodness that coats the the mouth with each bite.

The four Uji Matcha Donuts are available in two timing waves across four months.


Mark your calendars as follows:

●Uji Matcha Pon De Ring: Feb 27 to June 2

●Uji Matcha Old Fashion: Feb 27 to April 8

●Uji Matcha French: April 9 to June 2

●Uji Matcha Cream: April 9 to June 2

Get a taste of them at all Mister Donut outlets while stocks last!


1. Velocity @ Novena Square

Address: 238 Thomson Rd, #01-72/73 Singapore 307683

Opening Hours: Daily, 11am to 9pm (subject to sold-out timing)

2. Junction 8

Address: 9 Bishan Place, #02-27A, Singapore 579837

Opening Hours: Daily, 11am to 8.30pm (subject to sold-out timing)

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