McDonald’s S’pore Releases NEW Chicken Ham & Egg Burger For Breakfast From Today Onwards!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need it to keep you running throughout your long day. Be it if you’re a student, employee or anyone- a strong breakfast is a strong start to your day! Luckily, McDonald’s is releasing the all-new Chicken Ham & Egg Breakfast burger. This simple breakfast is perfect to start your day. It is nutritious, delicious and simple!

NEW Chicken Ham & Egg Breakfast Burger

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore (Facebook)

This new item features all the classic McDonald’s items. The bun is soft and fluffy. The lettuce is refreshing and crispy. Of course, the egg is cooked to perfection with the option to have it runny or well done. This burger is reminiscent of a bacon egg and cheese sandwich that is very famous in New York. This simple item is beyond delicious, and the perfect breakfast.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore (Website)

Here’s what you can expect:

It starts with a crispy, golden fried egg, juicy chicken ham paired with light, warm bites of cornmeal buns. Finished with an oh-so-umami garlic dressing. Who knew perfect mornings could be this simple?

Allergen Information: Egg, milk, soybean and wheat
Sensitivities: Gluten

Head Down To Your Nearest McDonald’s Outlet Today!

Do note that this item is only available for breakfast. You can also get this item on any food delivery app, including McDonald’s Mobile app, which you can download here. Do look out for more programs such as these on their Facebook and Instagram.

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