McDonald’s S’pore Introduces All New Choco Banana Pie, Available on 31st October

Hey there foodies, we know how excited you guys get when there’s something unique happening in the food scene. So today we’re here to let you guys know that once again, McDonald’s will be releasing something pretty unique. Make way for an all-new Choco Banana Pie. Just keep reading as we spill more details.

McDonald’s S’pore Will Be Having Choco Banana Pie From 31st October

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Photo: McDonald’ (Website)

As we all know, McDonald’s constantly has new releases that keep us on our feet. Over the past few months, we saw new items such as White Chocolate Strawberry Cream Pie, Hershey’s McFlurry, Emoji Potatoes and many more. While there are always new items, one thing’s for sure: we all love every single one of them. Check out the video here:

So, before November flies in, McDonald’s will be launching their brand new Choco Banana Pie, essentially combining both of the world’s best ingredients into one pie.

McDonald's S'pore choco banana pie

Not just that, imagine pairing choco banana with McDonald’s crispy crusted pie. Yum.

McDonald's S'pore choco banana pie
Photo: @McdSG (Facebook)

Mark your calendars fellow foodies, as this brand new release will be happening on the 31st of October. Oh, and on a side note, Happy Halloween in advance! Maybe you guys can go around trick-or-treating with the brand new Choco Banana Pie. Bye!

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