McDonald’s Returns With Jjang! Jjang! Burgers, Including BT21 Collection Releasing On May 3

Here’s some good news to spice up your weekend. McDonald’s has once again brought back their popular sweet and spicy Jjang! Jjang! Burgers!


McDonald’s Returns With Jjang! Jjang! Burgers!

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Enjoy the option of chicken and beef patties with this tasty Korean-inspired burger. What’s different about this year’s release is the packaging, where the burger boxes and fries containers are decorated with BT21 characters.

The adorable collection is a series of characters created by Line Friends and the popular K-Pop boyband, BTS.

Jjang! Jjang! Chicken Burger

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

The Jjang! Jjang! Chicken Burger features a crispy chicken patty that is coated with a sweet and spicy blend of Korean sauce, sandwiched between lettuce, tomato slices, and soft glazed buns.

Jjang! Jjang! Beef Burger

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Similar to the chicken version, the Jjang! Jjang! Beef Burger however is served with an all-new Kimchi-spiced beef patty this time.

BT21 Collection Launch Date Changed To May 3

Photo:@mcdonalds_kr (Instagram)

Previously in our Facebook and Instagram posts a few days ago, we mentioned the BT21 collection which was supposed to be released yesterday has been moved to May 3 instead.

Do take note the merchandise released in Singapore will be different from the ones previously available in South Korea (above pic). According to some netizens, it will be a BT21 Plate Set for the Singapore release instead.

Hurry down to your nearest McDonald’s for the Jjang! Jjang! Burgers today!


Cover Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

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