Famous Matterhorn Mountain In Swiss Alps Lit Up With S’pore Flag To Express Solidarity

Hello, foodies! We hope everyone is staying safe at home during this Coronavirus pandemic. With the rapid increase of Coronavirus cases, it is undoubtedly one of the toughest times for Singapore and the entire world. And it is at these trying times, Switzerland has expressed solidarity with Singapore in the fight against Coronavirus by illuminating the Singapore flag on the famous Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Famous Matterhorn Mountain Lights Up With The Singapore Flag

Photo: Switzerland. (Facebook)

If you have tried Toblerone chocolates before, you’ll notice that there is a mountain on the packaging. More commonly named as the Toblerone mountain, this is actually the famed Matterhorn mountain. To spread heartwarming messages and solidarity during this challenging period, the Matterhorn mountain has been illuminating every day with a flag since March 2020. And yesterday night, it was Singapore’s turn.

Photo: Switzerland. (Facebook)

Together with the incredible images, the Switzerland Tourism Facebook page also revealed a short message: “In the city-state Singapore, different ethnic groups live together peacefully. The country is well organized and clean: similar characteristics are attributed to Switzerland. We show solidarity with the people of Singapore and send a sign of hope.”.

We Will Surely Overcome This Together

With the numbers of Coronavirus cases in Singapore increasing in the thousands, the Circuit Breaker has also extended to June. Despite the closure of bubble tea shops, McDonald’s and more, let’s all stay positive and healthy during this period. With many countries moving towards the right path, Singapore will too! Furthermore, if you are interested to see the next projection, you can tune in to their official live webcams too!

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