Lilac Oak Bakes Vegan-Friendly Goods Including Hard To Find Pulut Hitam Taro Tart

Taro has become one of Singapore’s favourite ingredients in food. Find it in beverages, and even in buns! Now, you can find them in tarts, too.

Hard To Find Pulut Hitam Taro Tart

Photo: @fatpigdairy (Instagram)
Photo: @fatpigdairy (Instagram)

We would like to present to you, the incredible Pulut Hitam Taro Tart. Find this interesting creation at Lilac Oak, a vegan-friendly and guilt-free spot for baked goods. We have never seen anything like this before. From thin crunchy pastry, a generous amount of pulut hitam, and well-piped orh nee as the crown.

Photo: @lilac.oak (Instagram)

With orh nee looking little tiny dumplings right on top, this tart is certainly eye-pleasing. Those who had tried it mentioned that the tart is well-balanced, and it definitely hits the spot if you’re a taro lover. The sticky black glutinous rice is boiled with gula melaka.

Photo: @fatpigdairy (Instagram)
Photo: @lilac.oak (Instagram)

Apart from this creation, Lilac Oak also offers Taro Tart, made entirely out of 100% fresh taro, unrefined sugar, and coconut milk. These two are available in a set, known as Twice the Taro. It comes with a box of two 8 centimeters tart for a price of $12. Apart from this, there are mini ones that are perfect for parties, too! ⁣⁣

Available At Lilac Oak

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