LiHO TEA Introduces New Christmas Beverages That Transport You To Snowy Wonderland

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Christmas is just around the corner, and we are already excited about Christmas-themed food and beverages. One of the most-loved bubble tea chains, LiHO TEA, is stepping up its game by introducing not one, not two, but three Christmas beverages! Have a sip, and it guarantees to transport you to a snowy wonderland.

LiHO TEA’s Christmas Beverages Is Santa-Approved

Photo: LiHO TEA

Available for two months starting from 23rd November 2020, LiHO TEA is coming to town. On its sleigh ride, there are three beautifully handcrafted beverages in the Snowy Wonderland series. The latest series is painstakingly crafted and it promises a full-bodied experience. There is no snow in Singapore, but you will find Snow White Frosty perched right on top of every Christmas-themed beverage.

Photo: LiHO TEA

Have a mouthful of Snow White Frosty before letting it dissolve into the magical concoction to elevate the flavour. For this series, three of the beverages are Frosty Hazelnut Mocha, Royal Snow White Tea Latte, and Jolly Black Forest Latte. Nicely priced, the price ranges from $5.50 (M) to $7.90 (L). You can also add Snow White Frosty onto any drinks with an additional $2. Here’s the lineup for the new series!

Photo: LiHO TEA
  • Frosty Hazelnut Mocha – Frosty Hazelnut Mocha is the perfect mixture of chocolate and coffee. Rich and dark, this adult beverage is perfect to spark the inner child to be all ready for Christmas!

Price: $6.90 (M), $7.90 (L)

Photo: LiHO
  • Royal Snow White Tea Latte – Available in hot and cold. Everyone’s favourite oolong tea, but make it festive. The signature favourite guarantees strong tea notes, and velvety consistency. A must-have with Snow White Frosty!

Price: $5.50 (M), $6.50 (L), $5.50 (H)

Photo: LiHO TEA
  • Jolly Black Forest Latte – Christmas is complete! This icy decadent is a combination of chocolate and fresh milk, with a swirl of blueberry compote.

Price: $6.50 (M), $7.50 (L)

Santa Is Coming To Singapore Early This Year

Photo: LiHO TEA

LiHO TEA’s Snowy Wonderland series will be available from 23rd November 2020 onwards at all outlets. In line with the Christmas spirit, all beverages will be available in Christmas cups with a dome lid. Make it magical with some tasty Snow White Frosty. Are you excited about the latest beverages from LiHO TEA? It is time to tag your friends to visit the nearest outlet!

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