11 Best Stalls You Must Try At Maxwell Food Centre! (2023 Guide)

One of the most iconic hawker centres in Singapore, Maxwell Food Centre is undoubtedly a treasure trove of scrumptious food. In this guide, we bring you the 11 best stalls you have to try ranging from Steamed Fish Sets and Claypot Minced Pork Noodles to Oyster Cakes and Appam!


11 Best Stalls To Check Out At Maxwell Food Centre!

1. Nian Nian You Yu

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Nian Nian You Yu’s menu is pretty concise, offering Steamed Fish Sets along with a few other dishes like Steamed Tiger Prawns with Lala & Vermicelli, and sides like Seared Eggplant. For the Steamed Fish, customers can choose between the fresh Pomfret or Seabass which is served in a delicious Hong-Kong style sauce consisting of soy sauce, ginger, and chicken stock. For an additional dollar, you can switch it up with a sour and spicy Thai dressing with garlic, chilli, and lime that’s reminiscent of everyone’s favourite, Tom Yum.

Unit: #01-78

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Sun, 11.30am to 2pm & 5pm to 7.30pm

2. Hum Jin Pang


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Not only does Hum Jin Pang serve affordable fried dough fritters, they even let you cook it yourself! Offering two variations of their dough fritters – Red Bean and Five Spice Powder, the Red Bean Fritter is crispy and light while the inside reveals a sweet red bean filling that’s smooth and powdered sugar is added on top for extra sweetness. As for their Five Spice Fritter, it is well-seasoned and fried to a crispy golden brown. Served at 5 pieces for only $1, these crispy deep-fried dough fritters make the perfect snack and experience for everyone to enjoy!

Unit: #01-28

Operating Hours: Daily, 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

3. Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia

Photo: Jessilyn Hui (Facebook)
Image:@merrychristmasmrlawrence (Instagram)

Serving up three incredible kinds of roasted meats- Roast Duck, Roast Pork, and Char Siew, you’re definitely in for an amazing treat at Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia. The roast pork is slightly on the lean side, with the crispy skin giving you the most satisfying crunch while being still succulent and the char siew is well-marinated and tender, with a good amount of smokiness and char that makes every bite simply delightful.


As for the duck, it is incredibly flavourful and juicy, with the skin being beautifully crispy while the meat still remains tender. With snaking long queues daily, be prepared to queue for up to 30 mins but trust us, it is well worth the wait!

Unit: #01-71

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Sun, 11.30am to 8pm


4. Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake


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One of the few remaining stalls in Singapore serving this traditional snack, Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake continues to prepare each oyster cake by hand. What makes it stand out is the batter, which is a combination of ground rice and flour with the inside containing cilantro, minced meat, fresh prawns and oysters. The oyster cake is fried to a beautiful golden brown for a delightfully crispy exterior. Be sure to add some of their chilli sauce for a delicious pairing!

Unit: #01-06


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 8pm

5. Xing Xing Tapioca Cake

Image: Carl Neo (Facebook)
Photo: @dr.epicure (Instagram)

Xing Xing has been open at Maxwell Food Centre since 1986 and continues serving up their delectable traditional kuehs to this day. Their tapioca cakes are simply boiled tapioca coated with freshly grated coconut. Though a simple dish, the tapioca cake is light and has the perfect amount of sweetness without overpowering the natural taste of the tapioca. Additionally, the tapioca cake melts in your mouth and is still moist in the middle.

Besides selling Tapioca Cakes, the stall also offers other popular bestsellers such as their Ondeh Ondeh and Kueh Kosui. With these many popular items, Xing Xing Tapioca Cake is a stall you definitely have to check out!

Unit: #01-31

Operating Hours: Daily except for Sunday, 7am to 1pm

6. Alimama Green Chilli Chicken Rice & Prawn Noodle


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For something a little different from your typical Chicken Rice, Alimama is just the spot to head to. Their version of Green Chilli Chicken Rice is flavourful, thanks to the technique and ingredients used. It all starts with the frying of the chicken thigh to golden brown perfection. Then, it is topped off with a hill of green chilli. The green chilli is not super spicy, but rather sour and salty instead. If you would like to kick it up a notch, add some sambal for an incredible burst of flavour and spice!

Unit: #01-09

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am to 8.30pm

7. China Street Fritters


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Finding traditional handmade ngoh hiang nowadays is rare, making China Street Fritters a hidden gem worth checking out. The stall has been around for close to 80 years and continues to make its ingredients by hand. Indulge in delectable Hokkien-style ngoh hiang, liver rolls, and more with their sweet sauce and spicy sauce! For a more substantial meal, you can order it in a set that is served with plain fried bee hoon that pairs perfectly with their tasty ingredients.

Unit: #01-64

Operating Hours

Wed & Thurs, 12pm to 8pm

Tues, Fri & Sat, 12pm to 7pm

Sun, 11am to 7pm

8. Mr Appam

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For something on the sweet side, head to Mr Appam to try their South Indian pancake that’s made with fermented rice batter. Owned by Vietnam-born Nguyen Thi Kieu Hanh, her stall offers unique and innovative flavours like Pandan, Peanut, Durian, Ice Cream and one of their most popular, the Princess Appam which includes egg and cheese for a tasty burst of savouriness. As the appam here is prominently tangier, it pairs perfectly with the toppings to give you a beautiful balance of flavours.

Unit: #01-99

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Tues 8am to 8pm

9. Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice


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Situated just two stalls down the popular Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice lies Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice, where the owner was previously the head cook at Tian Tian for more than 20 years. Though the lines are shorter as compared to Tian Tian, Ah Tai no doubt has its share of loyal customers with queues of up to 20 mins during the lunch hour. Served with a bed of fragrant rice, Ah Tai’s chicken is juicy and tender, with their spicy chilli and ginger elevating each bite.

Unit: #01-07

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Tues, 11am to 7.30pm

10. Ah Gong Minced Pork Noodle

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Unlike most Bak Chor Mee stalls, Ah Gong Minced Pork Noodle serves their noodles in a claypot! Their soup is flavourful and has a strong wok hei taste, due to the claypot. Though hard to believe, the soup is made with no MSG. It is actually prepared with dried sole fish to give its sweetness and depth of flavour. You can sip the soup to your heart’s content without worrying about that MSG-induced thirst!

The noodles are springy and soak up the soup nicely, making each slurp a delight. A generous amount of minced pork is added to elevate the flavour of the dish. The minced pork is well-seasoned and gives the dish an added oomph. Additionally, tons of crispy pork lard is added to give that umami and crunch to the dish. Although the Claypot Bak Chor Mee also comes in the dry version, their soup version comes highly recommended.

Unit: #01-02

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Sun, 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

11. Chee Cheong Fun Club

Photo: @cheecheongfunclub (Instagram)
Image:@cheriemartini (Instagram)

At Chee Cheong Fun Club, their Curry Chee Cheong Fun is an absolute must-try. Hard to find in Singapore, this dish consists of rice noodles, assorted fish balls, and curry. Although the recipe for making the curry is a secret, you can tell that it is made with fresh coconut milk. Apart from the decadent curry, they are also widely known for their silky smooth Chee Cheong Fun that’s freshly prepared daily.

Unit: #01-38

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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