KFC Singapore Is Finally Bringing Back Fried Chicken Skin On 4th January 2021


  • KFC is bringing back its hot selling Fried Chicken Skin.
  • Available from 4th January 2021 onwards.
  • New flavour includes Spicy.

Hello, friends! We have some happy news to get you all excited about the brand new year. Truly, this has been of the most challenging year for all of us, and we are glad that we are stepping into a new chapter really soon. To celebrate this joyous occasion, some of us our favourite brands are dropping seasonal products – including McDonald’s with its all-new Mala McShaker Fries! This time around, we are shedding the light on KFC!

KFC Singapore Is Finally Bringing Back Fried Chicken Skin

Photo: KFC Singapore (Facebook)

A few years back, KFC Singapore has announced that it will be introducing Fried Chicken Skin into its ever expanding menu. Of course, many Singaporeans were truly excited. Ever since then, the seasonal product has been returning really soon! Apart from the Original recipe, KFC will be introducing a brand new flavour, Spicy! Everyone knows that the Spicy flavour comes with an extra crunch!

Photo: @kuidaore_desuka (Instagram)

To be released on 4th January, the Original recipe is made with 11 different herbs, and expect the Spicy flavour to have an additional kick. Available for $3.60, the Fried Chicken Skin will be available for takeaway, and dine-in. From the previous release, Fried Chicken Skin is notable to be a hot commodity, with the previous release to be sold off on the same day. You will need to hurry!

Available From 4th January 2021 Onwards

Photo: @hibeverly (Instagram)

Well, if the Fried Chicken Skin is sold off, you can always get the hand on the usual fried chicken. But, it is hardly the same, is it? Regardless, we are excited to see the brand new releases for the upcoming year, and we will always keep you updated on the best releases! Will you be queueing up to get your hands on Fried Chicken Skin from KFC? It’s time to tag all fried chicken lovers. See you in the next post.

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